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The Pokémon Organization XIII is a group of Pokémon manipulated by their leader, Xemnas, into emulating the group of the same name from Empire Souls (The equivalent of Kingdom Hearts in the WAAPT universe.) They consist of:

Xemnas the Gengar

Xigbar the Octillery

Xaldin the Skarmory

Vexen the Cloyster

Lexaeus the Garchomp

Zexion the Zoroark

Saïx the Nidoking

Axel the Houndoom

Demyx the Crawdaunt

Luxord the Dunsparce

Marluxia the Roserade

Larxene the Luxray

Roxas the Lucario

Xion the Porygon-Z

Every member of the PokéOrg has been captured.


All of the PokéOrg members resemble their namesakes in small ways that cause them to differentiate from the norms of their species.

All: Eye colors match their namesakes, details in individual descriptions

Xemnas: Amber eyes, grey tips to his back spikes

Xigbar: Yellow eyes, eyepatch

Xaldin: Purple eyes, noticeably thicker lower jaw and overall build.

Vexen: Green eyes, spikes more closely resemble namesake's shield

Lexaeus: Blue eyes, thorny scales resembling his namesake's hair on his head

Zexion: Blue eyes, distinctive bangs in addition to his normal Zoroark hairdo

Saix: Yellow eyes, X-shaped facial scar centered on his horn

Axel: Turquoise eyes, spiky fur on his head

Demyx: Turquoise eyes, "star" on top of head resembles namesake's topknot in shape slightly.

Luxord: Turquoise eyelids, piercings on his winglets resembling those on his namesake's ears.

Marluxia: Blue eyes, pinkish tint to head flower

Larxene: Turquoise eyes, antennae-like shocks of fur sticking out of her mane

Roxas: Blue eyes, rough fur "mohawk" on head.

Xion: Blue eyes, "horn" on head is black.


  • Every member of the PokéOrg uses their Organization title as a Hasslemon name.