Rex the Tyrantrum

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Rex is Valorie's tyrantrum, an egotistical and irritable old pokemon covered in dozens of scars. He originally attacked Valorie, all but swallowing her after she stumbled upon Hermit Jarod's remote home deep in the unexplored of Kalos where he was asked to guard. Jarod gave him to Valorie as a going away present, noting that he was incapable of training Rex not to be a danger to those around him. That being said, Rex resents being owned by a "prissy little not-to-be-taken-seriously girl". He demands respect from those around them, and is not unwilling to bash heads and get hurt over even the smallest disrespect. Rex stands at a notable but perhaps not all that significant 10'2 (3.0988 meters) tall compared to the average for his species.

Size Comparison