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Name: Valorie Ryder
Nickname: Val, Shortcake
Gender: Female
Sexuality: -
Age: 13-15
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Ethnicity: White
Birthday: 7 November
Trainer ID: -
Home: Iccirus City, Unova
Pokéform: Dratini
Starter: Charmander

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Dragon Tamer Valorie Ryder is the player character of Chaotic Marin.


Valorie grew up with an intense fascination with dragons, often reading about them online well before she had a pokemon of her own. Noteworthily she managed to divert her attention from dragons long enough to gain a somewhat intense fear of ghost Pokemon and is a problematic sleep walker. After being viciously attacked by a tranquill one day, and by that I mean it carelessly attempted to land on her head causing her to scream like a girl and run away, her parents decided it was about time to get her her first pokemon. Valorie's father was a businessman providing for the family and was almost constantly away from the house; at this particular time he was in Kanto. To this end it was a pokemon from Kanto he brought home to be Valorie's first pokemon, though he was entirely unable to obtain the dratini she asked him for. Instead she got a charmander, which at the time was a tad crushing to Valorie.

Valorie was and is known for arrogance. Since she started her journey she has always believed she was destined for greatness, ...starting a long trend of her getting her butt kicked. With only two week's worth of admittedly very hard training she immediately attempted to take on her hometown's gym, not even making it to the gym leader in spite of her charmander's type advantage. Valorie was and is also known for being a very sore loser and this marked her first time throwing a tantrum and storming away from a battlefield. ...Later one night Valorie found herself waking up after having managed to sleep walk all the way outside and up towards Dragonspiral Tower; it had always been one of her favorites to go to get some quiet and day dream about all the amazing dragons she assumed must've been inside. By chance she met a traveling stranger that struck up conversation with her, who in hindsight she could not describe to anyone due to it being quite dark and her quite exhausted. The trainer captivated her with stories of his travels and she in turn captivated him with her angst and dreams, in particular mentioning her disappointment with the pokemon her father had presented her with. (Charmander was at home at this time.)

The stranger, perhaps taking some sort of pity on her or finding her angst endearing, took it upon themself to give her an egg containing the pokemon she desired most; they did not tell her in favor of letting her find out for hers, merely stating that it was vaguely a dragon pokemon and that they did not have the time to take care of it. After making her promise to take good care of the baby Valorie decidedly rushed home to get herself and her egg out of the cold. At this point in time she began to dream of traveling, believing that a trip to a pokemon trainer's academy would help her hone her skills. Thus not long after her surprise dratini hatched she set out across Unova, training hard along the way. She spent a good year at the school in Aspertia studying hard and challenging other students before setting out again in search of bigger challenges once it became apparent she had become too skilled for a beginner's school. The rest is ... well... training and shenanigans! Valorie enjoys hanging around towns and seeking battles with the comfort of a cold drink right nearby if she finds she needs it. Decidedly, she is a very picky eater.

Valorie is a lone trainer without any real affiliation. She once studied at a pokemon trainer's academy in Aspertia City but is otherwise entirely without ties. When she's not too busy making sure she's presentable Valorie often wanders in search of challenges. She is rarely content to stop and relax unless she is socializing with someone, believing firmly that hard work and dedication will someday realize her dreams of earning the admiration of the world. To this end she has a tendency to seek out trouble, believing that pushing herself and her pokemon harder every new day is the only hope she has of becoming not only a dragon master but the strongest battler in the world.


Valorie has a mom and a dad, and here's the real surprise; they're not dead or otherwise missing!

Diane and Skye are held with a great deal of trust by Valorie. She allowed them to serve as big sister figures or perhaps Parental Substitutes during her time struggling to wrap her mind around the more... startling aspects of life for the J-Team. This period of time put a great deal of strain on Valorie's relationship with her charizard however, ultimately resulting in a violent confrontation that convinced Valorie to be more independent.

Sparkers and Valorie seem to share a very close, platonic relationship. There are implications that Valorie may hold deeper feelings for the mon than 'just' friends in the form of her showing trace ammounts of what appears to be jealousy towards Kyrie.

Ajax once took in a recently weredratini'ified Valorie and protected her during a moment of physical weakness. He immediately earned Valorie's trust, as not only would she have likely been stuck out on the streets had he not come along but she had desperately needed the comfort his demonstration of care provided.

Psyche, or more accurately her evil half Lina, traumatized Valorie by forcing her to experience slowly freezing to death via an extremely lucid dream. While Psyche's promises that this is not at all a common occurrence helped to calm her somewhat Valorie appears to have have adopted a form of PTSD triggered by very cold temperatures.

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This is Valorie's core team; her pride, joy and those she uses extremely frequently in battle make up this elite bunch. They are held to a very intense training schedule and often specialize heavily in beating the snot out of other pokemon as opposed to utility purposes. Because of Valorie's heavy preference for dragon pokemon very few other types of mons make it here, if any at all.



These pokemon may have been caught for a variety of reasons. Some are simply Pokemon Valorie used before she managed to obtain an entire team full of dragons. Others are utility pokemon. Others are simply companions, pokemon that Valorie has decided to take care of in her spare time. These pokemon are not necessarily, and probably aren't, the strongest on Valorie's team. They are held to much more relaxed standards and tend to frequently find themselves overlooked when Valorie is selecting pokemon for a battle.





Valorie has not obtained any badges from Kanto.


Valorie has not obtained any badges from Johto.




Valorie has not obtained any badges from Sinnoh.


Valorie has not obtained any badges from Unova.




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