Valorie's Charizard

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Basic Info

Valorie's Charizard is a slightly temperamental pokemon that very much wants to be Valorie's favorite but hasn't quite gotten there even after her fangirl-scream inducing final evolution. Apparently she had an angry teenager period during her time as a Charmeleon where she was prone to flipping out and picking fights with Valorie's at-the-time Dratini. This was apparently jealousy fueled and ended after she evolved again and found herself getting a lot more attention from Valorie. Her ability is Solar Power.

Known Moves

  • TypeFire.gif Flamethrower, Heat Wave, Inferno, Overheat, Flare Blitz, Fire Punch, Sunny Day
  • TypeFlying.gif Air Slash, Fly, Roost, Defog
  • TypeDragon.gif Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Dragon Rage
  • TypeNormal.gif Belly Drum, Cut, Strength, Mimic
  • TypeGround.gif Earthquake
  • TypeGrass.gif Solarbeam