Valorie's Dragonite

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Basic Info

Valorie's dragonite is a big baby, emphasis on both. She is abnormally large for her species standing at a whopping 12'01 (3.683 meters) tall with a gut to match but doesn't seem to have matured much with her physical growth. Apparently she refers to Valorie as her mother without a hint of irony and is entirely oblivious to how reproduction works. Given her rather gentle and loving disposition Valorie has never been able to get Dragonite to reliably use Outrage. Noteworthily, Valorie has trained her to be capable of using the move barrier. To this day Dragonite and Valorie share the closest bond of all her Pokemon. Dragonite is Valorie's mount of choice for most things simply because of this fact.

Size Comparison


Known Moves

  • TypeDragon.gif Dragon Rush, Dragon Dance, Twister
  • TypeFlying.gif Hurricane, Roost, Fly, Defog
  • TypeFire.gif Sunny Day, Fire Punch
  • TypeWater.gif Rain Dance, Surf, Waterfall, Dive
  • TypeIce.gif Hail, Ice Punch, Blizzard
  • TypeRock.gif Sandstorm, Stone Edge
  • TypeNormal.gif Extreme Speed, Cut, Strength
  • TypeFighting.gif Superpower, Rock Smash
  • TypeElectric.gif Thunder, Thunder Wave, Thunder Punch