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Shu is a male Yamask owned by Valorie Ryder. He is the black sheep of Valorie's team, a ghost owned by a girl that breaks down in tears every time a ghastly teases her. Shu has mastered the art of telepathic speech and used this rather unique skill to convince Valorie to take him with her after saving her from the pits of Relic Castle by literally possessing her to keep her from screaming and running away before walking out in her body. An unusually weak Pokemon as far as Valorie's team goes Shu has little interest in fighting and instead asked only that Valorie give him an everstone as he believed quite firmly that he would go insane if he evolved. He is almost never in his pokeball, instead lurking in Valorie's shadow where he occasionally rises to half-heartedly make snarky and sometimes straight up eerie commentary. Despite occasionally making Valorie uncomfortable Shu has earned her trust by acting as a useful utility pokemon, using powers like telekinesis to help her out in day to day tasks. Apparently Shu is hundreds of years old and has a slightly morbid sense of humor. His ability is Mummy.