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Rojos is a Flygon from Unova in the PMD-B universe, who became Abby's traveling partner in Hoenn.

He hails from the Desert Resort, where he long attempted to win the respect of the Pokémon around him; unfortunately, due to his Dragon-typing, he faced widespread discrimination, with even the instructors of the Desert Resort army setting him up to flunk out.

On his mother's suggestion, he made his way to Hoenn, one of the only places in the world that Dragons could expect to be treated as equals. He soon found it was no fairyland, though; the land was broken up into infighting city-states, with sometimes-violent ferals, ghosts, and eldritch avatars roaming the countryside.

Seeking work, he found himself contracted by a certain Vanillish to provide rapid transport, at which point he got sucked into several missions of intrigue himself...