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SIRI is an NPC PEFEgon working at PEFE Island. Its name stands for [Switchboard Information and Research Interlocutor] as it is its job to provide assistance for PEFE personnel, in particular their Porygon and PEFEgon, by answering some questions and helping categorize and deliver the information captured by various Everything Sensors the employees have available, such as trackers or PEFEdexes.

SIRI came online during the beginning of the Hoenn-2 Arc ofscreen and so far has only interacted with other Porygon such as Memory. Unlike other Porygon, SIRI does not exist in a realized state, instead living as a megaprogram in a network subnet of the Digital World dedicated to PEFE Island's network trunk.

It is unknown what is SIRI's stage or its appearance as it has never realized.