Scheherezade Alizadeh

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Scheherezade Alizadeh is a 26 year old freelance Archaeologist and trainer.

General Info

Full Name: Scheherezade Alizadeh

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Place of Birth: Canalave City, Sinnoh

Birthday: November 6th, 1990

Ethnicity: Persian/Farsi

Starter: Dunyazade



Scheherezade Alizadeh grew up as the daughter of a two geeks. Her mother worked for a small game company as a writer and programmer, and her father worked as a Pokemon researcher in the local university, and had a hobby of training Pokemon, specializing in steel-types. When she was six, her father went on a business trip and did not return. Years later, she found out his expertise had been requested by a colleague in Pokefutures (later the PEFE), and took a plane to Goldenrod City... but never made it there. After she finished school, she enrolled in college, and her mother gave her Shahryar, which used to be her father's. She studied to become an archaeologist, always having been fascinated with the ruins around Sinnoh. She usually took a telescope with her, as she was also an avid amateur astronomer. When not delving into ancient ruins, she often took hikes into the central mountains to escape the light pollution in the city. It was on one of these hikes that she lost nearly lost her right leg. A rock slide had occurred, and had smashed her leg. Dunyazade and Shahryar carried her back to the city, where she was delivered to a hospital. Her leg, while healed, was crippled, and forced her to walk with a cane. The doctors told her she was fortunate not to have lost her other leg, or she might have been confined to a wheelchair for life. On another one of the excursions, she met Sinbad. Four years ago, while she was visiting Snowpoint to converse with a colleague, the Infinity Keystone incident happened, which was rather irritating in the whole "shutting down technology" sort of way. She doesn't talk about it much. It was also around thus point that she picked up Marjanah.

Scheherezade's Current Team

Sir Robin


  • She uses a cane, but can walk (albeit not particularly well nor fast) without it.
  • One of the canes she own(ed) was a swordcane, until a Scizor broke it.