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October 13

  • In desperation, Myra and Linux fuse during a battle with Every.

October 19

  • Tagg's group manages to convince the Master of his Super Mutant's sterility, leading him to blow up himself along with the Cathedral.

October 21

  • Crewe and Crow have a 7-on-7 match, in which Eskay tries to convince the latter that Crewe is actually a Buizel.

October 22

  • Tagg's group fights the Lieutenant, the second in command of the Super Mutants.

October 24

October 25

  • [Meta] WAAPT reaches 200000 posts in its main thread.
  • Cross evolves into Swadloon.
  • Nitro evolves into Froslass.
  • Lakitu uses Attract on Fortis and asks her out.

October 28

October 31

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