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March 1

March 6

  • Fortis battles Clair, Minty evolving into Braviary in the process.

March 7

March 12

  • DS battles and defeats Clair.

March 18

  • Odd reunites with Stella
  • Origa reunites with Pent
  • AU!DS gets a call from AU!Cynthia
  • Hikari heads to Cinnabar for her first PEFE test
  • Umbra, Ammy, Pent, and Origa head to Indigo Plateau, Sakura takes an accidental Detour to the National Park
  • Umbra has a strange urge to attack Felis that leads to an argument
  • Forte encounters TF2!Expies in the medical wing
  • Psyche battles a Ninja Boy
  • Sakura and Lyuri challenge Hercules and Atlas, then catch them
  • Emperor and Discord meet each other, insanity ensues

March 19

  • Magneton receives the nickname of FeSO4
  • Tagg, Maggie, DS, and Wolf attempt heading to Cinnabar, but it gets interrupted by later events
  • Umbra has a nightmare and vows not to tell Ammy about his past
  • Lina nearly flips out when she sees Spectrum holding Kaius' old swords
  • Straw discovers he has lost Esprit's Orb
  • Forte timeskips to Indigo Plateau
  • Pent remembers he forgot about Ur
  • Hercules solicits Kaguya for some honey
  • Yin and Proxy discuss conspiracies
  • Psyche begins her challenge, defeating Will and Koga
  • Another fight happens, draining pretty much everyone involved
  • Des shows up suddenly, then leaves just as suddenly
  • Sakura teleports somewhere
  • Jacob heads off

March 20

  • AU!Reshiram and AU!Zekrom lay down some justice on the DST guards
  • Cassandra's forces are having some problems because of unintentional terror
  • A Volcarona plots to get Caroline out of his hair
  • Jeff finally beats Empire Souls 3D
  • Rawst and Eskay head off to look for Sakura
  • Zeal heads off to see how many Kanto badges he can get
  • Sticy Lips exiles himself in his ball as a result of not being able to help
  • AU!DS and AU!Wolf head off to Route 203
  • Sakura and Lyuri have a heart to heart chat
  • Tracer finally catches all of the Ex-Scolemis goons
  • Zeal challenges the Pewter Gym
  • Maggie digs a hole into the Ex-Pokemon Mansion
  • Umbra and Lazy Latios have a talk about his past
  • Caroline is severely out of the loop when it comes to Desert Kingdom stuff
  • Hercules is interested in honey
  • The Drilbur Minions and Finn head off to find some info on Major Burrows
  • Fortis begins her Elite Four challenge
  • Psyche loses her E4 challenge to Bruno's Scrafty
  • Skye receives the P->H Armband from Grant
  • Fortis is added to the Hall of Fame
  • Tagg and Maggie go back in time for her test of receiving some documents about Mewtwo

March 21

  • Forte has a dream about abandonment
  • Mezzo talks with Pianis about potentially heading off
  • Some of the J-Team find some Rule 34 of themselves
  • Eskay begins his E4 challenge
  • Lily kidnaps Mezzo for a romantic outing
  • Tagg finds information on Missingno as Maggie finds the files on Mewtwo
  • Eskay is added to the Hall of Fame
  • Crow heads off to challenge some Gyms with Likewise and Rhyrhy
  • Lily and Scarlett spam Quiver Dance
  • Fortis finds out Mezzo is gone, and is comforted by the others
  • Every finds out about Mezzo's disappearance

March 22

  • Crow challenges the Violet Gym
  • Jacob ends up in Castelia
  • We get a glimpse at Mirage and a certain Blitzle
  • Zeal loses to Brock
  • Voidstar beats P-1 at Rock Paper Scissors, then he is caught by Jacob
  • Tagg ponders travelling to Rota
  • Sakura challenges Lyuri to a batte
  • Jacob confronts Lily and ends up challenging her to a battle
  • Jeff was out for 236271 seconds and then heads to Kanto with Tangent
  • Glöckchen brings up the possibility of kidnapping, which causes several of the group to head to Every's House
  • Thresher and Abby realize Tagg and Tangent have been rubbing off on them
  • Some of the group has an encounter with Larva

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