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February 1

  • DS stresses over writing the J-Team show's reboot
  • AU!DS goes missing
  • A cuddlepile forms around Jeff
  • Kammy saves AU!Tracer from some 7JD Dragons
  • Hallucinations involving Dr. Exeggutor
  • PEFE's generators are stolen
  • The Seven are bathed
  • Fisher evolves into a Slowking
  • Psyche taunts the Cianwood Gym Trainers
  • AU!Every joins AU!Mezzo's group after Blobble is defeated

February 2

  • AU!DS climbs Mt. Coronet
  • Elise encounters the Toxicroak again
  • Shadow hallucinates some more
  • Crow catches Rhyrhy
  • Katie challenges the Cianwood Gym
  • Ammy tells the Seven her story
  • An evil queen becomes jealous of Ammy
  • A Darkrai shows up and tells those in Magic Mirror about its current situation
  • Odie and Hatori build something
  • DS talks with an Officer Jenny
  • Maggie, SleepyHead, and Foudre leave Makbaliv, Kernel, Sweetie, and Slliuq are left behind
  • AU!Alli and AU!Trent practice some moves
  • The group solicits help from some Mareep from an Electric Module
  • The Magic Mirror Group rescues Pooh from a swarm of Combee
  • Elise faces a Donphan
  • Drivers License shenanigans continue

February 3

  • Helen meets AU!Hermes again
  • Tagg is accidentaly cut off from the rest of the PEFExp group
  • Darner hatches
  • Crow challenges the Olivine Gym
  • Every battles a trainer with several Pidgey
  • Jeff traces out the best path to the generators
  • AU!Carol and AU!Cynthia encounter AU!Raser and AU!Sticy Lips
  • Some of the Magic Mirror Group try helping Hundred Acre Wood Residents
  • The PEFExp group is confronted by Scouter and Maggie catches him
  • Duke, Riku, and Zap join up with Elise and they battle a Blaziken
  • Roo's ball is stuck in a tree, it is then dislodged and goes bouncing

February 4

  • A Gyarados attacks in an Aquatic Module and Jordan appears to help Elise fight it
  • Caroline and AU!Trip start talking again
  • Finn hatches
  • Part of the invading draconic force try to isolate the Magnet Train railroad in Goldenrod.
  • Vinollo gores the messenger
  • Kyle, Aloysius, Nathan, and AU!Tracer convince some 7JD!Goons to tell them what they know
  • Some (Ex-)Scolemis goons are attacked by Mantis Mons

February 5

  • Elise's group enters a Desert Module and battles a faux-Metagross
  • Vrang catches Lao-Shan
  • Wolf and DS head to the Lake of Rage
  • Tagg and Darner end up in a Rainforest Module with man cannons
  • A group of mons led by Ranger start organizing the population of Ecruteak after the draconic bombing
  • Diane tries to rescue Annie froma Bouffalant
  • Grant makes friends with a Growlithe
  • A prank by Snappy turns into a brawl
  • AU!Rosemary betrays AU!Trip
  • Breeze gets the idea to try and evolve Merle so she can teach Every how to fly
  • Wolf encounters a Dunsparce

February 6

  • The Growlithe takes the name Conan
  • Breeze sets his plan to get Every to fly in motion
  • Elise fights against a Reuniclus
  • Donathans and Wooviles start trying to steal HUNNY
  • Grant becomes human
  • Ghostus is somewhat negligent with childcare

February 7

  • A Frozen Morvas is encountered in an Arctic Module
  • Grant discovers the perils of trying to work a remote
  • In a Volcano Module, they battle a Ditto with a love of puns
  • Larva tries battling Metentis in order to evolve

February 8

  • Kessie and Candida cloud paint
  • Silent's Lileep gets in trouble with the Goldenrod marine research facility personnel when he tries to have a Milotic's offspring for breakfast.
  • Elise's group enters the Ore Module
  • Gex and Pyry enrage some Lairon
  • Idrano misses a chance to travel from Olivine to Hoenn for free when he can't win a small contest for boat tickets.
  • The battle against the Donathans and Wooviles continues
  • Dintel finds a desert pyramid in one of the desert biome modules of PEFE HQ. May or may not include a Creeper.
  • Lyuri steals some honey and gets chased by a morphing Donathan as a result
  • Joseph is introduced.
  • Magenton gives Raser romantic advice

February 9

  • Maekrite and his mate manage to clear a big emotional gap between them and he confesses to her about his and Silent's banishment from Mandarin South.
  • Kat's group ends up in PEFE HQ
  • DS challenges the Mahogany Gym
  • Marmalade helps Crewe look for her missing Pokemon
  • Candida evolves battling a Piloswine
  • Eli's Would-be-Self returns
  • Elise's Group battles a Galvantula
  • The Hundred Acre Wood Group finds a slip
  • Tagg and Tangent find the group Tagg lost
  • Shopkeepers are universal
  • Pent opens the portal to Neverland
  • Battle against Project Níðhöggr
  • Peter Pan is skeptical of adults

February 10

  • Elise's group is kidnapped in the Jungle Module
  • Davis is introduced
  • Elise's group faces an Exeggutor that hypnotized several Venusaur
  • SleepyHead evolves
  • Tagg's group discovers that a generator has been removed
  • Elise's group battles Nightmare in the Storage Modules
  • Tagg's group then takes a generator from a verse where Pokefutures still exists
  • Most everyone in Goldenrod heads to Olivine
  • Zeal is introduced

February 11

  • Lillith and DS get stuck in a cave, then they escape
  • Arika goes into her backstory
  • AU!Gino becomes a vigilante
  • Elise's group enters a Sky Module and faces a Giant Aerodactyl
  • Raser tells Venomous he might be in love with her
  • Hook's cannons begin attacking the MM group
  • Tinkerbell speeds ahead of the group
  • Breeze is checking Crow for Joltik

February 12

  • Pallav is intorduced
  • Tagg's group is stalked briefly in an Autumn Module
  • Tink nearly gets Wendy killed and is banished as a result
  • Crewe does Obscura training with Zexion
  • Caroline talks with the "Whimsicott"
  • Venomous vows to try getting over her fear of Raser
  • Hook has a bad encounter with a certain Feraligatr

February 13

  • Origa encounters Herbert
  • Elise's Group enters the same Nocturnal Module as before and battles BOX version 2
  • Fuuma trains Tiajeff
  • The Queen is late, as is Susan
  • MM Group goes off to catch Indians/visit the lagoon
  • Joesph talks about potential Pokemon to catch
  • Tiger Lily is rescued
  • Elise's group enters an Unused Module with Floating Parasect
  • Wendy throws some firewood ON THE GROUND
  • The Darlings and the Lost Boys decide to head home
  • Elise's Group encounters a Zoroark, which is defeated.

February 14

  • The Darlings, the Lost Boys, and Pent are captured
  • Romantic posts are made
  • Tagg's group finds a file on Project Ratatoskr and Tagg has an emotional outburst
  • Wally, Artesia, Alri, and their narrators are still lost
  • Hikari and Rawst talk about the Riese sisters' absences
  • The MM Group battles Hook's Crew

February 15

  • Elise's group encounters a Zoroark
  • The Generator Group enters an Alpine Module
  • Joseph challenges the Olivine Gym
  • Caroline's army battles Whimsifraud's army

February 16

  • AU!Milo, AU!Teala, and AU!Kat discover Monified!AU!Iccirus
  • Glöckchen joins Diesel's band
  • Some of Des' antics are brought up
  • Victor is introduced
  • The generator group enters the Moon Module and encounters some Cultist!Clefairy
  • Victor battles Trish

February 17

  • Elises' Group battles the Omega Haxorus
  • The Clefairy ask the Generator Group to get their moon back
  • Victor catches Clamps
  • Victor challenges the Olivine Gym
  • Snowman finds Ransei Scrolls for Satine
  • Chroma talks with AU!Celestia regarding recent events
  • Hook, Smee, and most of the pirates flee from the battle

February 18

  • Lefty, Dew, Saif, and Chum join the MM Group
  • Vrang, Elise, and Lyuri's Mon's join up with Tagg's group
  • Chum and Saif plot with each other
  • Ratatosk is defeated
  • Odie evolves into a Bibarel

February 19

  • Mezzo recounts a story with a Move Tutor and Heat Wave
  • The MM Group enters Wonderland and sees a caucus race
  • Mezzo encounters the father of the Deino she was bothering earlier
  • Victor catches Garfukel
  • Clamps evolves
  • Vrang is difficult with a Pokefutures disc, irritating Tagg

February 20

  • Hatchet reunites with Vektor for more training
  • Likewise can't find Crewe, so joins up with Crow
  • Sakura's group encounters some flower mons
  • Slam's group encounters Tweedledee and Tweedledum
  • Grumpy goes to an Unbirthday party
  • Spectrum gets trapped in a house
  • Marmalade is kidnapped by Sunkern
  • Pent encounters the Gryphon and he Mock Squirtle
  • Victor and Joseph depose Tirnus

February 21

  • Gogie hassles Lexaeus about Finn
  • Alduin and Tiamat take care of Margaret
  • Ammy, Sleepy, and Marina encounter a Caterpie with a Hookah
  • Alyssa and Dew get lost in the woods
  • Tagg notices a red dot, the group goes to investigate
  • Vrang catches Shroom
  • The MM Group gets gathered up at the queen's palace by the Cheshire Skitty
  • Jacob is introduced
  • Fortis challenges the Olivine Gym
  • Shadow faces "The Egg Dealer"

February 22

  • Joseph challenges the Cianwood Gym
  • The Sunkern are still following Salamence
  • Crow battles Jacob
  • The MM Group battles the Queen of Hearts
  • Victor challenges the Cianwood Gym
  • AU!Trip evolves
  • Tagg's Hydreigon gives Nadia one of her eggs

February 23

  • Victor catches Mac, a Medicham, and an Aron
  • Joseph catches Morrigan and Wolfie
  • Lexaeus and Zexion are bothered by Finn
  • The generator group enters a Prehistoric Group
  • Fortis challenges the Mahogany Gym and loses
  • Fortis is visited by a E4 member revealed to be Future!Fortis
  • Arika catches Wrangler
  • The MM Group enters the Pride Lands
  • Lillith remembers what happened in the cave
  • A fight breaks out in Ecruteak involving Jacob and Zeal
  • Every challenges the Mahogany Gym

February 24

  • Rawst and Hikari enter PEFE HQ
  • Crow leaves Glöckchen with Every and continues on to Mahogany
  • Victor goes into his backstory, involving his Grandfather and a Tyrogue named Blitz
  • Tagg shows up in the past to rescue DS and Lillith
  • Magneton opens a memo to address Finn's crying problem and they eventually decide to have Monty train him
  • Jacob catches Voidstar, then challenges the Blackthorn Gym
  • Esprit possesses Straw
  • The MM Group is rescued from the lions by Nala and head out in search of Simba
  • Joseph challenges the Ecruteak Gym

February 27

  • Simba, with the MM group, challenges Scar

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