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January 2

  • Tagg finds out that the drybox he recovered from the derelict ship indicates a path ending in Celadon.

January 12

  • [TS] Rising Star survives his encounter with Zapdos.

January 16

January 20

January 21

  • Runt goes to find Groot
  • Sakura, Lyuri, and Rawst are assaulted by fans
  • Diane falls off the Embedded Tower, but is caught by a Flygon
  • The top of the tower is reached by the others and a Craw moment happens
  • Gino is assaulted by Cubones and flies back to Kanjoh with them in tow
  • Candida tries to cheer up DS
  • AU!Jeff is monified, then mistaken for Tiamet
  • Attribute Discussion happens
  • Sakura, Lyuri, and Rawst go to the arcade
  • Evil!Goggles has kidnapped Jirachi and then kidnaps Lillith
  • Jirachi gives Lillith the ability to speak to Pokemon
  • Katie's Cryogonal Egg hatches
  • Alyssa and Jeff try and go on a date
  • Austerium preps his troops, then nicknames are discussed
  • Scott and AU!MGMT meet
  • Levia and Fafnir talk
  • Every gets a ball from the past for Fourier
  • Celebi timeblips everyone back, then trolls Every
  • Hasslemon is installed for Mezzo's team
  • Slam says he's heading off on his own
  • Katpost where weddings are discussed and Gene comes to pick Kat up

January 22

  • Demonstrating Dragons teach DST dragons how to use protect to trap others and get trapped themselves
  • Benjamin adopts a Dwebble
  • Penny falls in love with an angry Gligar, Groot is retrieved
  • Sakura attempts feeding Seth Blue Aprijuice
  • Ron is introduced
  • Conquistador talks with Crewe about going to a race track
  • A battle against Evil!Goggles happens
  • Jefflyssa's date continues
  • Forte and icicle get involved in Shadow's disease-induced illusion
  • Teresa is introduced

January 23

  • Stuff at the Pokeathlon
  • Some of the Cianwood group travels to Olivine
  • Elise is introduced
  • Eskay and Lyuri talk about the gold voice and trauma
  • Jessica helps Teresa escape from the hospital
  • Mezzo and Every get pulled into the illusion
  • Pentigan and Susan prepare for a fake date
  • Anja and Missy deliver the toaster to Tangent
  • Flo talks about a Whimsicott leader she used to be in love with

January 24

  • Jack battles a large Feraligatr
  • Crewe gets oriented at the race track
  • Tagg tells Straw about the meeting
  • Lillith explains her ability to speak to Pokemon to her mons
  • Alyssa meets Jessica
  • "Michael" explains some stuff to Jack in the past

January 25

  • The PEFEgons send a lot of texts
  • People start heading to Olivine with honey
  • Morvas goes to the Dragon's Den
  • Nicole makes a three-point landing on the PEFE boat
  • Vincent and Mia join the others on the boat
  • Jay's old mons reunite and leave most of their owners confused
  • Morvas lands on the boat
  • Tagg starts his talk about PEFE HQ and the J-Team
  • Penitent is blipped to PEFE HQ
  • A discussion of some recent events including Infinite Keystone and PMD-R

January 26

  • Q encounters some Cubone stuffing a skeleton into a closet
  • ITT: We All Want Pizza
  • Armband discussion
  • Teresa is summoned to PEFE
  • Crewe and Alyssa talk about uncomfortableness levels
  • Scott contacts AU!Trent, AU!Alli, Keith, and AU!Diane about the dragon thing
  • Scott, AU!Alli, and AU!Trent get lost in the desert, Keith and AU!Diane head for Canalave
  • Talk about getting control of the TV Show and doing a reboot
  • AU!Straw is called to deal with the dragon situation
  • The Monification bombs are dropped
  • AU!Crow, the AU!Saffron Center Nurse Joy, AU!Vrang, AU!Every, Scott, AU!Alli, AU!Trent, AU!Straw, AU!Mezzo, and AU!Tracer are monified
  • AU!Straw is ganked by a Rhydon named Fluffy, but survives
  • AU!Tagg avoids monification
  • Crewe, Straw, and Crow head back to Kanjoh, Henry and Thistle are left behind
  • AU!Vektor sees what's happening in Celadon after going shopping
  • Goldenrod Owsla notes the chaos happening there
  • Lyuri uses the armband
  • AU!Doopliss and Loki plan to alter a monification bomb
  • Sakura and Rawst head back to Kanjoh
  • Seishirou and Fuuma tear apart a plane
  • Every encounters PEFE!Every
  • Alyssa uses the Armband
  • Forte takes Shadow to the medical wing
  • Eskay, Alli, and Lina head back to Kanjoh, Spectrum, Igneous, and Chrome stay behind

January 27

  • Larva destroys a dishwasher :3
  • AU!Draca, AU!Garchomp, and AU!Hydreigon rebuff some dragons
  • Fortis' Birthday
  • Neuron, Frotis' Sigilyph, and Fortis' Chatot hatch
  • AU!Umbra, AU!Lina, Caroline, and AU!Teresa are monified
  • AU!Fallarbor Town's inhabitants are turned into Spoink and a Tepig
  • Pent goes on an adventure in the PEFE catwalks
  • A nurse attempts to expose Shadow for the evil he truly is
  • Caroline decides to try and take over
  • Tiamet finds out someone else was mistaken for her
  • Goldenrod is hit by the dragons.

January 28

  • AU!Vektor tries to help others escape from the store
  • Miagi angers Raxus
  • AU!Alyssa is found an attempted to be comforted
  • AU!Nicole is monified
  • Straw gets amnesia

January 29

  • AU!DS starts to go crazy and the Resistance heads off for Unova
  • AU!Lyuri, AU!MurCrow, and AU!Vrang head to Lavender by way of sewers
  • A group in PEFE goes on a weirdness search
  • AU!Teresa meets AU!Holly
  • Ammy battles Slam

January 30

  • Stella is ported to the weirdness search group
  • Sakura and Rawst continue their time-shenaiganed date
  • DS challenges the Olivine Gym
  • The weirdness search group enters a mirror, Ammy and Umbra are separated
  • Fortis challenges the Cianwood Gym

January 31

  • The House of The Seven is cleaned
  • Cambria apologizes to Eli
  • The Seven appear
  • AU!Mezzo continues pressing the Deino
  • Helen, Keith, and Diane are monified
  • Eskay challenges the Cianwood Gym
  • Straw's memory is restored
  • Pent talks with Alyssa about his girlfriend problems
  • Past!Umbra begins Driver's License shenanigens

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