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This is a list of various terms coined / adapted / adopted by the WAAPT Community. Available here so that people add them to their personal dictionaries.

Keep the list in alphabetical order.

  • Auric: A term for anyone considered Aura sensitive (In this continuity including Psychics and Obscurics), but primarily used for those with the ability to manipulate Fighting!Aura if Classical Auric isn't used.
  • Dragonblood: Pokémon that are part of the Dragon egg group, but aren't Dragon types themselves.
  • Eastsomnia: A sleep disorder resulting from having lots of friends in time zones west of you.
  • Fanfic Mode: Writing a longpost or a series of posts that only involve the player writing them directly.
  • Humon: A human that has been transformed into a Pokémon, rarely derisively referred to as a "skin-walker" after the Sinnoh myth.
  • Metnyin: A word that should exist, but doesn't.
    • Metanyin: A metnyin that should exist but doesn't.
  • Mons: Shorthand for Pokémon
  • Spagpost: Short for "spaghetti post," a post made by two or more players writing together using either a separate chat or a Google Doc.
  • Scooch: A disagreeable, grouchy individual. (Coined by Dogs, sort of)
  • Obscuric: Someone who can use either of the two aspects of Obscura.
  • Peoplemons: A term that encompasses either people as in "humans" or congregations of mons, without distinction.
  • Postgame: The time period between when the main plot of one arc concludes and another begins.
  • Time Shenanigans: When scenes are set in the past, or sometimes the future, relative to the current time in the RP
  • Tomorning: a contraction for "today morning" or "this morning".
  • Tracer's Law: Whenever you want to do something with someone, in particular Tracer, they will always come in when you are unavailable and leave before you come back
  • Walkabout: See here.
  • Weremon: See here.
  • Yevalitic: Destructive; in a manner similar to Yveltal.