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Celena is Shaun's Celesteela.



Other than the fact that she's only about 20-feet tall, Celena looks like a standard Celesteela.


As a human, Celena takes the form of tall, refined [Japanese] woman with piercing emerald eyes and long pale green hair done in a top knot. She's clothed in a Celesteela-colored kimono.


Celena, being a Magikarp out of spatial water, tends to not understamd a lot of the world. However, being a kind soul, she does her best to help everyone that deserves it.


  • Birthday: ???
  • Age: ???
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexuality: Homosexual
  • Hatched: Ultra Crater (probably)
  • Ball: Beast

Battle Strategy

Being confident in her abilities, Celena alternates between wrecking her opponents at close range with her might and size or darting around firing off ranged attacks.

Known Techniques

Ability: Beast Boost

Hidden Power Type: Fairy - A spectral Celesteela-gijinka space cowboy fires a six-shooter at the opponent.

  • Moves TBA



  • Celena's human appearance was inspired by Mikoto, Corrin's mother in Fire Emblem Fates.
  • Speech color: Forestgreen
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