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The Stormchaser is an airship owned by the J-Team which was originally stolen from the Illusion Project after it was crashed and abandoned, before being further upgraded by the PEFE. Its schematics were originally made by the Mobius Society, before Echo stole them during her break off from the organization.


When going into combat, a single black flag containing a Pokémon font "J" is raised.


The Stormchaser's concealed armory includes but is not limited to:

  • Containment gel guns for taking down flying targets non-lethally
  • Swivel guns for precision aiming
  • Broadside cannons
  • Bottom-facing cannons


  • Max. Flight Altitude: An indeterminate point within the thermosphere. (/w vacuum-sealing upgrade obtained during Delta Episode)
  • Max. Occupancy: At least 23 people, space expands internally to accommodate new J-Teamers.
  • Max. Speed: Unknown

Known Major Compartments


The Stormchaser's command and control center. Reminiscent of a Helicarrier's bridge, but with proper railings.

Meeting Room

A circular room used to discuss things such as raids. Has a Star Wars-esque holographic projector in the center of the room.


  • The Stormchaser's name was voted for metawise before being implemented.