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Name: Alexander Mikael Jakobsson
Nickname: Alex
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Aromantic asexual
Age: 22
Height: {{{height}}}
Ethnicity: {Swedish}
Birthday: February 3, 1995
Home: {Stockholm, Sweden}; raised in Rustboro City, Hoenn
Pokéform: Torchic
Starter: Svavel

Ace Trainer Alex is the primary player character of Uilleam.


Ever since the semi-mythical Ragnar Jakobsson decided to sell his weapons to the warlords of Ransei, Alex's family has had a history in business. Blacksmithing, of course, is a dead art in this day and age, but any good businessman can move with the times, and Jakobsson Inc. is currently a general-purpose technology manufacturer. Alex is not the heir - that honour goes to his older brother Mikki - so he essentially had as much freedom as he wanted during his childhood.

Alex's obsession with Pokémon training developed at a young age from long hours spent watching professional battles on television. Being rich and unrestricted, he acquired a series of tutors who homeschooled him on Pokémon training techniques, as well as several more who gave him a school-type education. On the scholarly side, Alex was competent but nothing special. It was in Pokémon training where he truly excelled, being nothing less than a child prodigy; he learned Monese simply by spending enough time around Pokémon, a rare and highly unorthodox feat, but one Alex himself brushes off consistently as "just a thing that happened".

Once he reached the age of 16, Alex was allowed to begin his own Pokémon journey. After acquiring his starter, a Torchic whom he christened Svavel, Alex set out into the wider world, quickly earning the title of Ace Trainer and becoming a feared presence even among those supposedly more experienced than him. After several years of much the same thing, Alex heard rumours of his childhood hero Ivy Amarin returning as a ghost in the Orre region; things went downhill from there... or uphill, depending on how you view it.


Alex is very tall and lanky, standing somewhere in the realm of 6'. Despite his wiry frame, Alex is frighteningly strong, a trait that may just be a holdover from the almost superhuman strength Ragnar Jakobsson was reputed to have. His hair is long, blond, and doesn't appear to have seen a comb for years, creating jagged bangs that frame his piercing blue eyes. Speaking of eyes, Alex rarely blinks, causing his facial expression to default to an uncomfortable and possibly even disturbing stare. He may or may not be bishounen; it's something that will need to be debated.

In terms of clothing, Alex is consistently seen in the exact same outfit: a somewhat baggy bomber jacket (khaki), loose-fitting jeans (khaki), leather gloves (khaki), and combat boots that very nearly reach his knees (kha-no wait, black, actually). Tied around his waist is a belt on which he keeps all his Pokeballs; currently, he has seven. Various other useful items are kept in pockets on his jacket. Whether or not he wears socks is a question best left to philosophers.


Alex generally tries to be friendly and welcoming to everyone he meets. However, shutting himself in his house for 16 years had a predictable outcome, and he sometimes bungles his attempts at nicety through sheer awkwardness. On the flipside, Alex seems fully capable of rolling with the odd habits and quirky personalities present in many Pokémon, again because they were his only companions for a very long time indeed. It's very difficult to make him angry, but if you somehow manage it, so help you.

Further Details

Favourite Colour: Doesn't see the point of having one. No, it is not khaki, and he dislikes insinuations that it is.

Attribute: None

Aura/Obscura Affinity: None

Likes: Pokémon, exploration, unusual tales from history

Dislikes: Anyone who abuses Pokémon or treats them as tools, Svavel prior to his reformation, his brother to an extent


Kali Yuga


  • Alex is an oddity in that he tends to develop closer bonds with a trainer's Pokémon than with the trainer themselves. Only his few notable relationships to a human will be listed here, however.
  • Alex seems to be good friends with Joseph, bonding with him over the latter's love of anything cute and the former's willingness to provide cute things.
  • Prior to her mysterious disappearance, Alex had an odd relationship with Morgan, best described as what happens when someone who doesn't know how a big brother archetype is supposed to act tries to be one.
  • Alex seems ambivalent about Jason.
  • The one encounter Alex had with Rex Hunter was friendly enough.

Alex's Team
On Hand : Svavel257Mini.pngSpalje003Mini.pngVattenfallet134Mini.pngTungvikt701Mini.pngSkugga094Mini.pngEldräv654Mini.png
As last seen in: Alola