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A Deathclaw, specifically Pudge, by Audrey Greenhalgh.

Deathclaws are large (Adults are commonly comparable to Golurk at full height), mutated Kecleon found on the [North American] continent within the PMD-B universe, primarily within the Angela region. Highly territorial and extremely aggressive, they are considered one of the deadliest Pokémon in the Angelan wastes due to their size, speed, and immense strength.

In order to lure in prey they're also known to copy their voices much like a Chatot. However, unlike other Kecleon, for the most part they lack either Color Change or Protean for an Ability, exchanging them for Unaware or Tough Claws.

Stats (By Game Standards)

  • HP: 70 (+10 from species norm)
  • Attack: 150 (+60 from species norm)
  • Defense: 100 (+30 from species norm)
  • Special Attack: 10 (-50 from species norm)
  • Special Defense: 120 (Species norm)
  • Speed: 100 (+60 from species norm)
  • BST: 550 (+110 from species norm)

Known Deathclaws