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Draconic or Dovahzul is a variant of Monese spoken mainly by Dragon types and taken from the language of the same name from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


According to legend the Draconic language was given to Dragons by Dialga for use as a liturgical language.

Important Draconic Words and Phrases

  • Alok-dilon: Necromancy
  • Dov: Dragonkind.
  • Dovah: A dragon.
  • Dovahkiin: Dragonborn (lit "Born Dragon Hunter")
  • Dovahzul: Endonym for Draconic, from "Dovah" and "Zul", meaning "voice"
    • Dovahzulaan: A speaker of Draconic
  • Drem Yol Lok: Basic greeting amongst dragons. (lit. "Peace Fire Sky")
  • Gogil: lit. "goblin", the term used for former members of Lanius' army in the AU.
  • Lein: World, can also be used to describe the universe or the totality of reality.
    • Dovahlein: lit. "dragon's world", the name for the dracosupremacist philosophy of the Seven Jerk Dragons and their forces.
  • Krif Voth Ahkrin: Fight bravely (lit. "fight with courage")
  • Sahkren: Tongue, in this case also referring to a master of the Thu'um.
  • Sovrahzun: Mercenary
  • Thu'um: The term for Dragon Shouts, also known as the Voice. (lit. "storm voice")
  • Lok, Thu'um: Sky Above, Voice Within (lit. "Sky, Voice")
    • Thu'umnu: A curse or slur for someone incapable of using the Thu'um.

Draconic Words and Phrases Made or Adapted for WAAPT

  • Brithimdah: Kalos (lit. "beautiful land")
  • Digoliikhimdah: Sinnoh (lit. "mystery land")
  • Dov Volkaal: the "champion horror of Dragonkind"; the name the dragons have for Inka in the AU timeline.
  • Du'ul Strunmah: Mt. Coronet. (lit. "crown mountain")
  • Hahdoyostvah: Mind of Crystal
  • Jerdostrunmah: Kanto (lit. "east of the mountains")
  • Loktuz: Sky Wing
  • Mund Do Kose: Hall of Origin
  • Riin Vahlok: Aura Guardian (lit. "Wave Guardian")
    • Silkun Vahlok: Aura Guardian (Alternate phrasing)
  • Sildozilf: Soul of Silver
  • Solotdov: Dragonblood. (lit. "lesser dragon")
  • Vulziistrunmah: Orochi (lit. "dark spirit mountain")
  • Welkanddostrunmah: Johto (lit. "west of the mountains")
  • Yellohiim: Palette Town. (lit. "flat town")
  • Zahreikdoyuvon: Heart of Gold

Shouts Unique to WAAPT

  • Yuvon Vuld Wadren: Temporarily shorts out the transformation abilities of Armbands. (lit. "Gold Transform Block")
  • Tuz Tanz Strun: Summons razor sharp wind. (lit. "Blade Dance Storm")

Fluent Speakers of Draconic

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