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Warning! You have now left the WAAPT Multiverse!

This page deals with an out of universe or otherwise meta aspect of the RP.

Creating a WAAPT wiki page is like creating any other page on a different wiki (think Wikipedia, Bulbapedia here) with some minor differences.

  1. Before creating a page you need to pick a name for it. Ideally, always ask in the forum / chatroom what name should the article have. While pages about most stuff will just have a simple name like "Hydreigon Marrow", some pages will need special names or specific namespaces.
    • For pages about proposals or procedure the page will probably go under the Help: or Arc Development: namespaces.
    • For pages about characters, ask if other characters with the same name already exist, if so, you'll need to create Disambiguated pages using for example the species of the character as an identifier. Example: Tony (human) or Tony (PC) or Tony (Bonsly).
  2. For those of you who don't even know how to create a normal Wiki page, you want to read both Help:MediaWiki Help for Tropers and the Official Mediawiki help, in particular "Starting a new page" and "Formatting". Pay attention to the toolbar that appears above the edit box, which provides access to the most common features for formatting. Don't abuse formatting though.
    • Just like in many other wikis, you can just write as you go; paragraphs are separated by a blank line (double-tap the Enter key).
    • For particular formatting features we use in this wiki check Category:Editing Templates. We have spoilers and colors (all of the colors!), etc.
  3. Linking to other pages is easy peasy:
    • linking to other pages in this wiki using the standard mediawiki syntax for example [[List of players]] for the List of Players.
    • linking to other specific Mediawiki wikis (at least Wikipedia) is easy using the Interwiki syntax, which you can check in the official documentation.
    • we have templates that help create links to other sites of our choosing, such as Veekun or the PEFE Wiki. Again, check the category link above.
  4. When you create a page, it should ideally belong to at least one Category. To do this add the category name as [[Category:some category]] on a line of its own. Small or starting pages should go in the stubs category; if you want to see what categories you can use check the category index.
  5. Before you save your page, use the preview feature! It saves you edits in case something went wrong with the formatting.

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