List of Active Players

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Note: Only list your Primary PC here.

Table of Player Characters
Character Character name / alias Gd troperhandle Status (default: ongoing)
Ark Ark shadowhope On hiatus
Blitz Blitz blitztrain
Channah Channah Channah / Metanoia
Colton Colton Rever AbsentCoder
Daydre Daydre daydre
Des Des newfiemekz/philosopherstones Semi-active
Dune Dune/Derek Morton 0blivionmobile/dunethewanderer
Eridanus Eridanus / Michael Layan pinkcelebi On hiatus
Erin Erin gm_3826 On hiatus
Etran Etran Gentry etran12 On hiatus
Ever Ever Memito memyselfandi2
Fletcha Fletcha fletcha On hiatus
Halis Halis nonbinary MetamorphicHalis
Ian (Unovan Trainer) Ian AnimeboyIanpower
Jacob Jacob Iridis verax In and out
Jason Jason Maxwell/Skyzerk skyzerk
Jeff Jeff Firelight sixthhokage1 Character retired, player on hiatus
Joseph Joseph Hudson ilovedogs
Kai Kai Amarin nonbinary BittersweetNSour / eskay64
Leon Leo Reuknighted On hiatus
Linnéa and Ray Linnéa/Ray ♀/♂ darkershining
Lucius Lucius Cain herbert40k
Meddler Rebecca Goldman themeddler/meddler413 In and out
Mezzo Mezzopiano Morendo mezzopiano
Milagros Milagros Ferrant Temp/Routeferret
Nana Nana Ikaika Palindromee
Pentigan Pentigan Fiveside pentigan
Phaz Phayza Phayza
Pi Pi Warden / Sandman bluberipi Given to Joseph as a Secondary PC
Psyche Psyche / Caroline Davis ace3469/conflictedpsyches
Ren Ren / Renard Valenum Clavis keys2tkingdom
Siobhan Siobhan Mitsurugi Izshta
Sergey Sergey Smirnov Sergey_Smirnov
Shaun Shaun Sapphire SwiftSeraph
Sholto Sholto/Crow Thomson crowlover/corvusatrox
Shutter Shutter/Gavin Albright jg-says-things-and-stuff/MasterJayAM
Silent Silent / [REDACTED] Venia Silente Cameoing
Slouch Slouch slouch In and out
Sol Fool / Solana Malkewitz pippingfool In and out
Super Nerd Teddie Lace radioactiveboy In and out
Tagg Tagg / Richard rmctagg09
Tangent Tangent Wantwight tangent128
Umbramatic Umbra / Joseph Nox umbramatic
Victor Victor Bellum goldmonkey On hiatus
Zachary Chattabie Zachary Chattabie barelybodaciousbud On hiatus
Zeal Zeal / Zachary Motte mrmastermrdoom/azealousindividual On hiatus