List of Active Players

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Note: Only list your Primary PC here. If a player listed hasn't made a post in more than six months since their last without an official statement of hiatus or retirement, they should be considered to be on effective hiatus. After a year without a statement to the contrary, they should be moved to the Retired list. List is updated with DD/MM/YYYY format.

Table of Player Characters
Character Character name / alias Gd troperhandle Status (default: ongoing)
Channah Channah Channah / Metanoia
Colton Colton Kendall Rever AbsentCoder
Daydre Daydre daydre
Des Des newfiemekz/philosopherstones Semi-active
Dune Dune/Derek Morton 0blivionmobile/dunethewanderer
Ever Ever Memito nonbinary memyselfandi2
Halis Halis nonbinary MetamorphicHalis Effective hiatus as of April 16, 2021
Hoops Hoops Thorn nonbinary theoncominghoop
Ian (Unovan Trainer) Ian AnimeboyIanpower
Jacob Jacob Iridis verax In and out
Kai Kai Amarin nonbinary BittersweetNSour / eskay64
Kim Kimberly Bond opalgarnet16
Linnéa and Ray Linnéa/Ray ♀/♂ darkershining
Lucius Lucius Cain herbert40k
Megan Megan Nguyen asterisk395
Mezzo Mezzopiano Morendo mezzopiano
Pentigan Pentigan Fiveside pentigan
Sergey Sergey Smirnov Sergey_Smirnov
Shaun Shaun Sapphire SwiftSeraph On hiatus as of November 3rd, 2021
Sholto Sholto/Crow Thomson crowlover/corvusatrox Effective hiatus
Shutter Shutter/Gavin Albright jg-says-things-and-stuff/MasterJayAM
Silas Silas Grant echoingsilence On hiatus as of March 23rd, 2022
Silent Silent / [REDACTED] Venia Silente Cameoing, on effective hiatus
Star Star / Lucy Glassman stargirl93
Sol Fool / Solana Malkewitz pippingfool In and out
Tagg Tagg / Richard Yhap-Waite rmctagg09
Tangent Tangent Wantwight tangent128 On hiatus
Umbramatic Umbra / Joseph Nox umbramatic