List of Active Players

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Note: Only list your Primary PC here. If a player listed hasn't made a post in more than a year, they should be moved to the Retired list. List is updated with DD/MM/YYYY format.

Table of Player Characters
Character Character name / alias Gd troperhandle Status (default: ongoing)
Channah Channah Channah / Metanoia
Colton Colton Rever AbsentCoder
Daydre Daydre daydre
Des Des newfiemekz/philosopherstones Semi-active
Dune Dune/Derek Morton 0blivionmobile/dunethewanderer
Ever Ever Memito memyselfandi2
Halis Halis nonbinary MetamorphicHalis
Ian (Unovan Trainer) Ian AnimeboyIanpower
Jacob Jacob Iridis verax In and out
Kai Kai Amarin nonbinary BittersweetNSour / eskay64
Kim Kimberly Bond opalgarnet16
Linnéa and Ray Linnéa/Ray ♀/♂ darkershining
Lucius Lucius Cain herbert40k
Mezzo Mezzopiano Morendo mezzopiano
Pentigan Pentigan Fiveside pentigan
Sergey Sergey Smirnov Sergey_Smirnov
Shaun Shaun Sapphire SwiftSeraph
Sholto Sholto/Crow Thomson crowlover/corvusatrox
Shutter Shutter/Gavin Albright jg-says-things-and-stuff/MasterJayAM
Silas Silas Grant echoingsilence
Silent Silent / [REDACTED] Venia Silente Cameoing
Star Star / Lucy Glassman stargirl93
Sol Fool / Solana Malkewitz pippingfool In and out
Tagg Tagg / Richard rmctagg09
Tangent Tangent Wantwight tangent128 On hiatus
Umbramatic Umbra / Joseph Nox umbramatic
Zeal Zeal / Zachary Motte mrmastermrdoom/azealousindividual On hiatus