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Koga is a former Gym Leader and member of the Johto Elite Four; the Master Ninja of Fuchsia City and probably the WAAPT-verse. In his former position at the Fuchsia Gym he has left his heir, Janine.

Koga is mentioned once during the Gold Conference as the actor the fangirls want to play Tagg's father in the fanmade movie about the main characters group. He eventually appears to help dispel a reality warping trickery that has made Janine and Falkner switch bodies.

Eventually Casval faces him as part of his E4 challenge.

NPC Handlers: hobgoblin, silentreverence.


Koga's team is a combination from his G3, G4 and Stadium teams, though it also has some extra trickery as expected from a Ninja:

  • A Venonat who acts as host (and is substituted by his disciples sometimes).
  • A Magmar who can use spell-like Confuse Ray and Teleport (this one still in training).
  • A Weezing from his G3 team.
  • A Venomoth from his G3 team who hasn't appeared onscreen.
  • A Nidorina from his Stadium team.
  • A Drapion trained in impersonation techniques such as ventriloquism, and pretends to "be" Koga during some challenges.
  • His signature mon, Pleusirich the Crobat.
  • Others.


Casval challenged him during Kanjoh arc. As part of the confrontation Koga himself seems to enter the battlefield disguised as a Drapion, which was itself disguised as the Venonat host. Eventually Artesia jumped into the battle too.


For the fangirls-made J-Team movie, one of the plans was to cast Koga in the role of Tagg's father.