Obscura Fabric

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Obscura Fabric is any type of fabric that has taken on properties of Obscura via absorption or some other method.


Obscura fabrics were discovered/ pioneered when Ren asked Crewe to help him make fabric by conjuring her obscura shields so Seamstress could weave her silk in the permeable shields. The resulting fabric was a silk that absorbed special attacks. Ren dubbed the material that was produced "Obscura Silk". Crewe suggested that tougher fabrics could be used to make "armor" for the J-Team. This theory has yet to be proven, however.


  • Obscura fabric are only granted properties innately by the the Obscura it's made with.
    • e.g. While Crewe's Obscura grants fabrics the ability to block special attacks, the fabrics can't block projectile attacks or physical attacks because Crewe's shields can't block physical attacks.
  • Obscura fabric can only protect areas that they are covering.
    • e.g. The Obscura Silk gloves Seamstress made can only protect the hands of the wearer. However, since hands can be moved around, as long as the glove(s) intercepts an incoming attack, the attack can be absorbed.

Known types of Obscura Fabrics

  • Obscura Silk: Fabric made by Seamstress and Dapper weaving their silks in the shields produced by Crewe. Clothes and accessories made from this fabric block Special Attacks.


  • Reaper cloths, while similar, are not Obscura Fabric. This is due to the fact that reaper cloths are completely made from umbrate that has been spun into threads and then woven together with no normal materials like cotton, nylon, polyester, silk, or wool being used in their creation.