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Opal is Pianis' Aurorus.


  • Age: Unknown
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Nature: Timid
  • Ability: Refrigerate
  • Met: Ambrette Town (Revived from fossil)
  • Ball: Poké
  • Favorite move: Unknown
  • Likes: Safety
  • Dislikes: Unknown

Name Basis

Opal is named after a type of gemstone.


Opal is extremely shy and nervous about any new people or mons he encounters. He always seems to speak softly.

Abilities in Battle

Opal is somewhat inexperienced compared to the rest of Pianis' team, but is a fairly competent attacker so far.

Movepool for Opal
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeIce.gif Blizzard TM ★★★★
TypeIce.gif Hail TM ★★★★
TypeIce.gif Ice Beam TM ★★★★
TypeRock.gif Rock Throw Natural ★★★ Often used on anything that gets close to him.
TypeRock.gif Ancient Power Natural ★★★★
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Opal


After finding out about the existence of an Ice-type fossil Pokémon from a researcher in Ambrette Town, Pianis went to Glittering Cave and dug out a Sail Fossil using an ice pick. He then returned this fossil to the laboratory in Ambrette, and it was revived into Opal.


Opal seems somewhat comfortable around Ephemera.

Pianis's Team
On Hand : Yukikaze584Mini.pngCrystallux615Mini.pngIcecap460Mini.pngShiva478Mini.pngSparkplug479FMini.pngBoreas087Mini.png
As last seen in: Alola