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Icecap is Pianis' Abomasnow.


  • Age: 26
  • Birthday: January 14, 1992
  • Nature: Gentle
  • Ability: Snow Warning
  • Met: Route 216 (Snover)
  • Ball: Great
  • Favorite move: Blizzard
  • Likes: Snow, kindness
  • Dislikes: Rude peoplemons, heat


Icecap is a motherly figure to the rest of the team, and believes in treating others with kindness. She has a habit of calling anyone she meets "darling".

Abilities in Battle

Icecap is the centerpiece of Pianis' team, due to her ability to create an instant hailstorm by entering the field. As such, she is always one of his lead three in any battle. Her Grass typing also gives her an edge against Water and Rock types. However, she has the most vulnerability to fire out of the entire team.

Movepool for Icecap
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeIce.gif Blizzard Natural ★★★★★ The definitive move, not just for her but the whole team.
TypeIce.gif Hail TM ★★ Used if Snow Warning is negated for some reason.
TypeIce.gif Ice Beam TM ★★★★ Can combine beams with other team members to create a larger one.
TypeIce.gif Frost Breath TM ★★★
TypeIce.gif Ice Shard Natural ★★
TypeGrass.gif Grass Knot TM ★★★★ Her main Grass type attack, but weak against light foes.
TypeGrass.gif Wood Hammer Natural ★★★ Her strongest physical attack.
TypeGrass.gif Grass Whistle Natural ★★★
TypeFighting.gif Focus Blast TM ★★★
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Icecap


Pianis came to Sinnoh to seek out a Pokémon that could cause snowstorms wherever it went. Icecap is the Pokémon he found possessing this ability on Route 216, and he also caught Shiva along the same route.


Icecap and Shiva are friendly toward each other, as both value being kind to others.

In the AU

Icecap died in the Distortion along with her trainer.

Pianis's Team
On Hand : Yukikaze584Mini.pngCrystallux615Mini.pngIcecap460Mini.pngShiva478Mini.pngSparkplug479FMini.pngBoreas087Mini.png
As last seen in: Alola