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Giri is Pianis' Weavile.


  • Age: 5
  • Birthday: March 12, 2013
  • Nature: Unknown
  • Ability: Pressure
  • Met: Brennenburg Castle (Egg, hatched in the Ice Path) (Sneasel)
  • Ball: Poké
  • Favorite move: Ice Punch
  • Likes: Clawing at things
  • Dislikes: Unknown


Giri is very energetic and likes to use her claws. She's particularly fond of clinging to things and attacking things at random. For whatever reason she tends to speak mainly in high-pitched squeals.

Abilities in Battle

She's still fairly weak due to not being in many battles, but has surprisingly good physical attack power and speed. She has very frail defenses, though.

Movepool for Giri
Type Move Acquisition Performance ??? Notes
TypeIce.gif Blizzard TM ★★
TypeIce.gif Hail TM ★★
TypeIce.gif Ice Beam TM ★★
TypeIce.gif Ice Punch Egg Move ★★★★★ Tends to use it at random.
TypeIce.gif Icicle Crash Tutor Taught by Cirno. She's still learning how to use it properly.
TypeDark.gif Feint Attack Natural ★★★
TypeSteel.gif Metal Claw Natural ★★★
TypeNormal.gif Scratch Natural ★★★★ Uses it on everything that moves. And everything that doesn't move.
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Giri


Giri's egg was a Christmas present from Ammy, who somehow managed to reach Pianis when he was at Brennenburg Castle. It hatched in the Ice Path, after he returned to Johto. Her parents are unknown.


Giri considers Minty to be her friend. Minty does not reciprocate this feeling.

Pianis's Team
On Hand : Yukikaze584Mini.pngCrystallux615Mini.pngIcecap460Mini.pngShiva478Mini.pngSparkplug479FMini.pngBoreas087Mini.png
As last seen in: Alola