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A list of enemies and other characters met and fought during the Pokésona Arc.

Personas and Pokésonas

Starter Pokésonas

  • Izanagi: A humanoid Aron wearing a black coat and boots with blades on their soles
  • Seiten Tensei: A Monferno in a red and gold vest holding a white metal staff
  • Yurlungur: A large Ekans with rainbow-colored copper scales
  • Pyro Jack: A shiny Lampent with Mismagius plushie
  • Titan: A Gurrdurr wearing bronze armor and wielding a club
  • Camazotz: A Noibat wearing a decorative chord between two small skulls
  • Orpheus: A Clefairy with a red scarf wrapped around its neck and over its head holding a lyre as big as itself. Its female form has a gold hue to her fur and a heart-shaped lyre while Orpheus' male form has a teal hue and a stereotypical-shaped lyre.
  • Decarabia: Staryu with a red eye in place of its jewel
  • Hua Po: Orange Flower Floette with a bottom half reminiscent of a cheongsam
  • Matador: Pawniard dressed in bright colors and gilded filigrees carrying a bright red cape
  • Cu Sith: Herdier with greenish fur. Likes to follow people see what they play like when there's no danger around. Is able to use TypeNormal.gif Strength and TypeIce.gif Ice Fang.
  • Take-Mikazuchi: Large black-skinned Cubone with a thunderbolt club
  • Tokubei: Gligar with teal claws and markings on its body
  • Yatagarasu: Murkrow with a black beak wearing wooden magatama beads on a silver string
  • Jiraiya: Black-skinned Frogadier wearing a white Kamen Rider-esque jumpsuit with a large, wide v-shaped ornament on the chest and black leather gloves with gold four-point star ornaments on them
  • Arahabaki: Bronze Baltoy with bright red eyes and dark, ornate patterns on its body and around its eyes

Evolved Starter Pokésonas

  • Izanagi-no-Okami: Izanagi's new form after undergoing fusion with other demons. Now a Humanoid Mega Aggron-like demon, he wears a white long coat, has golden blades for claws and on his boots. Izanagi-no-Okami carries an unique dual-sword weapon.

Initial Personas and Pokésonas

  • Pythagoras: A Porygon head shell topped by an animate stone Figurehead of a [Greek] scholar holding a four-sided pyramid.
  • Himiko: A tall humanoid Mawile with yellow pearl-like fur. On her head is a headdress with gray metal that mimics the shape of a Mawile's horn-jaws and a framework in a satellite panel-like structure hiding her face and a white silk sash over falling over her shoulders and holds a silver crown-like visor in her hands.
  • Sukona-Hikona: A miniature Clefairy wearing a leather headband, a magatama strung on a leather cord around his neck, and a bow held in one hand
  • Phobetor: An indeterminate Hypno-shaped mass covered in shadow, thorns, and poppy blooms, with a head resembling a skull
  • Shiva: Humanoid figure with an Aggron head-shaped helmet and plate like chitin growing on its back, wrists, and shins, wielding a black sword like Kanshou in one hand and a trident in the other.
  • Lin Bu: Humanoid with Roserade features wearing a cheongsam with long, loose sleeves made of leaves and petals. Flower petals form his red and blue gloves and his face is mostly human, his eyes are the pistils of plum blossoms.
  • Yomotsu-Ikusa: Stout Cyndaquil with a pointed hat and a tiny spear in its paws.
  • Fitchers Vogel: A Talonflame with a myriad of feathers that make her appear near unrecognizable. There is a window floating above her that appears like Lisa's silhouette from a distance, but changes to a Gurdurr's skull at close range.
  • Abe no Seimei: A humanoid figure with clawed-hands and a Delphox’s tail and ears wearing a Delphox head-themed visor and a plate made of ceramic-like material, fully masking its face. It wields a shaku with an amythest in the center of the handle and its fur gives the appearance of a kannushi wearing a jōe, sashinuki, and a tate-eboshi.
  • Siegfried: An armored Drilbur with a sword clenched in his mouth.
  • Muramasa: A Honedge possessing a metal statue of Des with Honedge-like eyes wearing traditional smith garb complete with apron and headband and cloth over his nose and mouth. The Honedge's tassel is black with green highlights and is wrapping up around his arm.
  • Huli Jing: Humanoid with Zorua ears, tail, and fur ruff that looks reminiscent of a scarf, her “hair” in a short ponytail. Wears a tunic, karusan bakama that end at the knee, shoulder plates, and arm guards. Also wears a reflective, featureless mask. Wields two single edged short swords.
  • Al-mi'raj: A masked figure in the shape of an anthropomorphised Nidoran, with a noticeably longer and thinner horn. Covers himself in a coat spotted in colors related to the seasons, and wields a spear called Consequence as his flagship weapon, but also carries some poisoned weapons such as carts and a clawed glove in a belt, which he uses mostly for intimidation.
  • Ptah: A Magneton whose eyes have been replaced by a was, ankh, and djed.
  • Gulduar: A Lopunny in the garb of a stage magician.
  • Carmen: A Torracat-like persona wearing a [Spanish] dress and a corset that reveals a lot of cleavage with two Sawk-shaped emitters tied to to the dress by roses and thorny vines. While her head is human-like Carmen wears a Torracat mask over the top half of her head and keeps a lit cigar in her mouth.
  • Reynardine: A shiny wereNinetales-like standing on digitigrade legs and wearing black and silver 19th century clothes. The black pants have a hole in the back for the nine tails and wears a silver dress shirt under a black vest with silver embroidery under an Alolan Ninetales-themed cape and hood. The hood is always up and obscures Reynardine's face with shadows, although his golden eyes can still be seen.
  • Psyche: A veiled Gothorita.

Evolved Personas and Pokésonas

  • Illapine: The evolved form of Gulduar, a Lopunny covered in green, glowing sigils that spiral to every limb and all the way up to its face, where they dart underneath a heavy black blindfold, wielding twin glaive swords.
  • Archimedes: The evolved form of Pythagoras, a Porygon2 head light construct with a new high-tech chair, complete with an expanded holo-keyboard and holo-display with extra functionality. The stone figurehead is replaced with a bronze statue of a [Greek] man with curly hair and beard in leather robes holding a sphere and cylinder sitting astride the head.
  • Merlin: The evolved form of Abe no Seimei. A human-like Delphox Persona with a visor and plate made of immaculately carved and polished white ash and inlaid with polished brass, ivory, and copper. The fur looks like a western-style sorcerer's robes and is wearing a gracefully backwards-curving conical wizard's hat. Merlin wields a long, thin mahogany rod with a octahedronal sapphire in the handle.

Ultimate Personas and Pokésonas

  • Nyx: SleepyHead's Ultimate Pokésona. A Hypno-like Pokésona wearing a black dress with thorns and poppy blooms weaved in to it, is wearing a necklace of red-skull shaped jewels, and the hood has formed into a Noibat-shaped cowl.
  • Reynaert: Ren's Ultimate Persona. A Delphox-like figure like its previous forms, but with the face visor made of platinum and gold inlaid with bright-red rubies and with fur with the appearance of a wealthy 19th century Kalosian’s long coat, suit, and a silk top hat. Reynaert wields a knob-handle cane made of rosewood with silver filigree and a prismatic spherical diamond orb in the handle.
  • Akami: Pent's Ultimate Persona. A Lopunny-like figure that is hunched forward. The green sigils are now black and shadow-like. Akami wields a glaive in one hand and dual hand-scythes in the other. One eye has been gouged out and glows a light blue.
  • Tsukuyomi: Mondo's Ultimate Pokésona, a red-eyed Clefable wielding a black flaming sword while wearing a golden mask with a loose brown sleeveless coat and white ascot, with a dark flaming crescent emerging from its head. The coat has a red and black collar and reveals a white and black interior.
  • Asura: Dune's Ultimate Persona, an Excadrill covered in ornate tattoos and filigree, with an accentuated waist wrap made of Arcanine hide.
  • Xochipilli: Joseph's Ultimate Persona, a shirtless humanoid figure wearing green pants that appear to be made of leaves, with vines and flower scarves swaddling his chest. A leaf covers his mouth.
  • Nostradamus: Mendel's Ultimate Persona, a translucent Porygon-Z head with astrological symbols orbiting around it, held aloft with a giant ghostly hand as two eyes peer into it from the clouds.
  • Arthur: Des's Ultimate Persona, a kingly knight clad in gold and white full plate armor with a purple and black scarf wrapping around its limbs wielding an Aegislash.

Other Personas and Pokésonas

  • Metatron: Silver giant clockwork Gallade with Pidgeot wings wearing a white and gold sash.
  • Yoshitune: Scizor with Scyther arms.
  • Helel: Giant karate gi-less Gogoat horned-Sawk with six Swanna wings wearing a white sash.
  • Sandalphon: Golden giant clockwork Gallade with Pidgeot wings wearing a green and red sash.
  • Moloch: A being with an Steelix's tail attached to the upper body of a Kommo-o with a Sawk's upper body attached where the Kommo-o's head should with the head of a Tauros.
  • Murasaki Kagami: An Espeon-themed mirror with the reflection of a human woman with long silver hair and Umbreon eyes in the glass.
  • Asmodeus: A demonic looking Haxorus with blood-red scales.
  • Surt: A purple Mega Blaziken with red streaks on its body, wielding a sword made of fire.
  • Suzaku: A pure red Ho-oh with Unfeazant tail feathers in five colors.
  • Loki: Blue-skinned Mr. Mime with Noivern wings and a full head of long, blonde hair, clad in a skintight black leather suit tightened with countless belts and silver buckles.
  • Orthus: Two-headed Arcanine with a spiny black Krookodile tail.
  • Baal Zebul: A blue-skinned Throh wearing a striped fur sash and holding a staff made of a human spine and skull.
  • Golem: Robotic yellow and silver Golurk with pistons sticking out.
  • Seiryu: A long Drampa with ruby-red eyes and golden Sawsbuck antlers.
  • Inugami: A long, white Meinshao with a black head.
  • Kaiwan: A Starmie with a Mr. Mime's head for a front portion.
  • Ubelluris: Regirock with red eyes.

Inhabitants of the Velvet Room

  • Igor: An Abra with a long snout. Was originally an Abra plushie that was brought to life and empowered by Philemon
  • Margaret: Golden-eyed Gothitelle that has primarily blue coloration dressed as a elevator attendant
  • Elizabeth: Golden-eyed Gothorita that has primarily blue coloration dressed as a secretary
  • Marie: An empowered Elekid with a blue hat
  • Caroline and Justine: Golden-eyed Magnemite wearing jailer's hats
  • Theodore: Golden-eyed Gallade that has primarily blue coloration wearing a bellhop's uniform
  • Nameless: An empowered Dusknoir with a blue velvet blindfold
  • Belladona: Gardevoir with hair that curls upwards and wears a purple evening gown with purple gems in a Beautifly pattern
  • Demon Painter: Smeargle wearing a black turtleneck sweater.
  • Philemon: Philemon's true form is an empowered Shiny Ditto, although he generally takes the form of a tiny blue and black Beautifly or a human man wearing a white mask with Beautifly wings painted on the right side.

Shadows and Other Enemies

Normal Shadows

  • Hablerie Family:
    • Slipping Hablerie: Shadows that look like pink-and-black striped Water/Ghost eyeless Gastly with Gengar-like mouths (Ability: Unnerve)
    • Forgotten Hablerie: Shadows that look like lavender and sky blue-striped Dark/Ghost eyeless Gastly with Gengar-like mouths. (Ability: Flash Fire)
    • Lying Hablerie: Shadows that look like black and white-striped Flying/Ghost eyeless Gastly with Gengar-like mouths. (Ability: Prankster)
    • Flattering Hablerie: Shadows that look like Ice/Ghost eyeless Gastly with Gengar-like mouths that are bright-red with a vibrant-green stripe. (Ability: Heatproof)
    • Agitating Hablerie: Shadows that look like Steel/Ghost eyeless Gastly with Gengar-like mouths that are half-cyan and half-red with red zigzags on the cyan half. (Ability: Lightningrod)
  • Raindrop Castles: Shadows that look like reddish Golem with castle-like structures growing out of their bodies.
  • Mythical Gigas: Shadows that look like white Machoke with bright red markings wearing black tights and metal wristbands
  • Grave Beetle: Shadows that look like black Heracross with spiked purple masks on their horns
  • Nizam Beast: Shadows that look like Luxray resembling Foudre with masks for faces attached to a ball and chain that looks like Psyche's face as an Elegy of Emptiness Statue (Ability: Guts).
  • Large Basalt: Shadow that looks like a particularly castle fortress-esque Forretress. (Ability: Filter)
  • The Reaper: Extremely powerful Shadows with the upper body of a Duskinoir with a bloodied torso and face, the lower body of a Mismagius with tattered ghastly robes, two impossibly long barreled handguns clenched in its hands, and an incredibly heavy chain wrapped over its torso in an X-pattern
  • Raven Family:
    • Black Raven: Shadows that look like Murkrow with Steel/Fire typing with no eyes; charred hats; and long, narrow beaks that carry a lantern. They have brass masks embedded in their chests. (Ability: Clear Body)
    • Vicious Raven: Shadows that look like Murkrow that have Dark/Flying typing and no eyes; charred hats; and long, narrow beaks that carry a lantern. They have red masks embedded in their chests and the tips of their wings and tails have fire-red tips. (Ability: Flash Fire)
  • Phantom Mage: Shadows that look like Xatu wearing a black cloak and holding a lantern. (Ability: Magic Bounce)


  • Flower Killer: Demons that look like a Florges with beady red eyes and teeth made of steel needles.
  • Jubokko: Demons that look mostly like a Trevenant with a dark trunk and blood-red leaves. (Ability: Flash Fire)
  • Ghoul: Demons that look like a Normal/Ghost bandaged Dusclops (Ability: Mummy)
  • Mot: Demons that resemble a Steel/Ghost Cofagrigus lacking spikes and a mouth, with eyes replaced with two angry red lights and clawed hands. (Ability: Cursed Body)
  • Pixie: Demons that look like a pale Togetic with Butterfree wings (Ability: Pixelate)
  • Stymphalides: Demons that look like metallic, Steel/Flying Fearow. (Ability: Sniper)
  • Tuofei: Demons that look like human-faced Hoothoot (Ability: Lightningrod)
  • Jack Frost: Demons that look like white, black-eyed Pikachu wearing a blue jester-like hat and matching collar.
  • Black Frost: Demons that look like black, red-eyed Pikachu wearing a purple jester-like hat and matching collar. (Ability: Thick Fat)
  • Juno: Demons that look like a Mega Gardevoir with a black body wearing a white mask and a crimson gown.
  • Yamato Takeru: Demons that look like a Mega Gallade wearing a long, thin white helmet with a black visor, and an outfit reminiscent of Imperial [Japanese] Army officer uniforms.
  • Helios: Demons that look like a humanoid Liepard wearing a black double-breasted suit with white lace cuffs and matching collar.
  • Maso: Demons that look like a Gothitelle wearing a cerulean coat with gold trim with puffy shoulders and a matching tall, floppy hat. Maso also wears a simple white mask with a tear painted on it and white silk gloves.
  • Io: Demons that look like a slender Jynx in a pink dress chained to a seat shaped like a Tauros' head.
  • Orobas: Demons that look like Fire/Fighting Machoke with a Rapidash's head and back legs, and gold and orange flames. (Ability: No Guard)
  • Caesar: Demons that look like Golurk made out of white marble with a black face and red eyes. They carry a Honedge-shaped sword and a globe of the earth in their hands. There is a hollow cavity in their chest which houses a throne with an indeterminate figure sitting upon it.
  • Satan: A massive and horrific demon with a human skull-like head but with a hideous body made up of various body parts that are both human and Pokémon.

Bosses and Mini Bosses

Shadow Selves

  • Shadow Mondo: Golden-eyed Clefairy wearing a chef hat with an apron that reads "<3 the baker". His Berserked form is a giant Clefairy plushie that wears a red fur cape and a golden crown wielding a golden scepter.
  • Shadow SleepyHead: A golden-eyed Hypno. Her berserked form is a giant, golden-eyed Hypno with a fluffier than normal neckfluff tied into a ponytail. She has two golden Hoopa-like rings around her arms and another around her waist.
  • Shadow Joseph: Berserk form is a Grass/Psychic unnaturally tall and thin Gardevoir taking the appearance of an old, crumbly statue covered in vines, spores, flowers, and leaves. (Ability: Chlorophyll)
  • Shadow Jacob/Soul: Berserk form is a massive humanoid figure with default Dark/Normal typing covered in wrappings with an Aggron skull for a head - one eye scarred and empty, the other socket with only a floating red light- metal plated hands and shins, with a long tail. His signature attack is Paradigm Shift, which allows him to change his typing. (Ability: Filter)
  • Shadow Lane: Berserk form is a large obsidian, black Rock/Ground Typhlosion with glimmering red tribal markings on its hide, wielding an obsidian javelin in one hand and a tower shield as large as it is formed from Reverse Decarabia in the other. (Ability: Blaze)
  • Shadow Lisa: Berserk form is a giant Fire/Psychic Talonflame with the features of a Beheyeem, including green eyes and multicolored, circular stubs for talons. A pile of treasure and broken paintings is at her feet. Her signature attack is "Butler's Aide", which allows her to summon Moh Shuvuu indefinitely. (Ability: Flame Body)
  • Shadow Ren: Berserk form is a giant Chimeric centaurish Poké-beast made up of parts of the various Delphox, Nintales, Zoroark, and the Eeveelutions; with Delpox and Nintales being dominates in the combination. The main body is that of a Ninetales, with Zoroark forelimbs for limbs, and each of his nine tails is that of an individual Eevee line member. Where the Ninetales' head would be is a Delphox's upper body, its torso covered by a white dress shirt and a high-collared, bright-red cropped jacket with bell-sleeves. The head is more human-like but with Delphox ears, while the face is covered by a reflective half-black/half-white angular mask that has evil-red energy forming a demonic face on the mask's surface. Finally, a wickedly-tall, evil-black top hat rests on Shadow Ren's head as a matching opera cape constantly flares and swirls from Shadow Ren's shoulders. He has Fire/Normal typing and access to all the movesets of all foxmons (the Eevee, Fennekin, Vulpix, and Zorua lines) and his signature attack, Energy Drain, which drains HP and PP from the targets to restore Shadow Ren. (Ability: Tinted Lens)
  • Shadow Dune/Frozen King: Humanoid form is a Dune ice sculpture. Berserk form is a giant, armored frozen Ice/Ghost Rhyperior with the ability to make monochrome copies of the Contractors who come out of mirrors.
  • Shadow Galvani and Shadow Deziree/ Desperate Phantom: A shadow self formed from the fusion of two Shadow selves, resulting in a large black Gengar with long, clawed arms wearing a tattered robe. It wears a mask that is made of two other masks - one mask representing Juno, and the other representing Raijin. Two of the back spines are long, curved and razor sharp. Within is the true Shadow Deziree, taking the form of a rusted skeleton. It has triple Ghost/Ice/Electric typing and the Ability Mold Breaker.

Demon Mini Bosses

  • Lachesis: Ariados wearing a black sheet-like dress with Scizor claws for front limbs. (Ability: Insomnia)
  • Clotho: White-dressed Leavanny with a black cloth circling her lower abdomen.
  • Atropos: A dress-wearing Scizor with a black cloth encircling her head.
  • Norn: Celebi with clock hands emerging from her back surrounded by two golden hoops with roman numerals inscribed on them, golden images of Lachesis, Clotho, and Atropos visible at the 2, 6, and 10 spots respectively.
  • Titania: A Fairy/Grass-type Gardevoir-like demon with green arms and legs and Yanmega wings (Ability: Flower Gift)
  • Oberon: A Fairy/Bug-type Gallade-like demon that has has red and gold coloration and Beautifly wings (Ability: Tinted Lens)
  • Daisoujou: A Ghost/Fire-type Sawk-like demon wearing long Buddhist robes and holding a golden bell. Daisoujou's signature attack is Samsara, a Fairy-type OHKO move which can hit multiple targets and has variable accuracy based on type match-ups. (Ability: Flash Fire)
  • Medea: Black Rapidash
  • Moh Shuvuu: A Honchkrow-like demon in butler's garb resembling Sholto in normal form, becomes partially humanoid but still mostly avian while attacking. (Ability: Super Luck)
  • Hugin and Mugin: A Honchkrow-like demon duo. The Ice/Flying Hugin is covered with an electric aura, while the Electric/Flying Munin is covered by a mini-snowstorm. Their signature move is Storm of the Century, which can do massive damage if allowed to reach 100%. (Ability: Snow Warning and Motor Drive)
  • Alice: An Ice/Dark-type Smoochum-like demon with a royal-blue and white body and pale blonde hair. Alice's signature attack is Die For Me!, a high accuracy move that always does 1 HP worth of damage unless its secondary effect triggers, which causes a OHKO. The effect rate is 25%, but that rate drops by 5% if used consecutively. (Ability: Serene Grace)
  • Mara: A ten foot tall Fighting/Dark type Throh-like demon with both a normal Throh's head and a Torkoal's head with a long neck and yellow eyes growing out of its stomach. Both heads emit a foul-smelling smoke from their nostrils. Mara's signature attack is Stagnant Air, which doubles the chance of status effects activating. (Ability: Magic Bounce)
  • Sleipnir: A six-legged Steel type Rapidash-like demon covered from head to hoof in metal armor. His signature move is Blueshift, a OHKO move activated once his Speed stat is maxed out. (Ability: Speed Boost)
  • Fenrir: An ice-covered, spiky Manectric-like demon.
  • Ymir: An ice-covered, metallic Ice/Dark type Golurk-like demon.
  • Glasyabo: A reptilian-looking canid demon with Kecleon eyes and fleshy wings.
  • Ironclad Myrmidon: A centaur-esque Dark/Steel demon that has the lower body of a Rapidash and upper body of an Armortomb.
  • White Rider: A cloaked, crown wearing Dark/Ghost Dusknoir-like demon riding atop a white Rapidash with its flanks and neck covered in eyes. His signature move is God's Bow, a Fairy type move that OHKO's one foe upon connecting. (Ability: Sniper)

Reverse Personas and Pokésonas

  • Reverse Decarabia: A Reverse Pokésona that looks like a normal Decarabia, but has Fire/Dark typing. (Ability: Technician)
  • Magastu-Izanagi: A Reverse Persona representing Izanagi during his escape from Yomi, taking the form of a humanoid, blood stained Aggron.


To be added.


  • Mikuratana-no-Kami: The One Who Yearns and The Embodiment of The Desire for Bonds. The first of guardians The Contractors encounter. She has an innate power to negate and even remove anything that could cause "harm". Her signature spell is called Eerie Song. Eerie Song weakens all who hear it and tempts the victims with the promise of happiness if the victim will connect with Mikuratana-no-Kami. Mikuratana-no-Kami has no known attacks, abilities, or typing. Mikuratana-no-Kami's true form is a colossal being that is like a Muk with Spiritomb eyes and faces protruding out from various parts of her body.
  • Hi-no-Kagutsuchi: The Embodiment of Fire, Bloodshed, and the Destruction of Bonds and the second Guardian the Contractors encounter. Made up of mostly of smoke and flames, Hi-no-Kagutsuchi true form is of a Vigoroth with teeth and plated armor like Primal Groudon's, and a blade-like horn on its muzzle. In addition to his mastery over flames and hand to hand combat, Hi-no-Kagutsuchi has the ability to take any form he desires, create flesh puppets, possess other sentient beings, and create the Crimson Fog.


  • Izanami: The escaped prisoner and the one who created the Fog of Deception.