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Saif is Lyuri's Pawniard that she found during the Magic Mirror sub-plot


A normal Pawniard


Saif is someone who likes adventure and exploring just because of how exciting it can be and what he can find while doing that, he also prefers to work in groups, though he's not that sociable, he's also not above openly mocking someone right in front of him or her and likes to makes jokes at other's expenses, he's also a bit cocky, but he does care about those that are important to him, even if he might not show that much.

Other Details

  • Age: 6
  • Height: 0,6m
  • Birthday: September 8
  • Nature: Bold
  • Ability: Pressure
  • Meet At: Hook's Ship (Makbaliv)
  • Ball: Premier Ball
  • Likes: Adventure, treasure, cooking
  • Dislikes: Threats, hypocrisy.

Battle Strategy

Saif's strategy is still unknown

Known Moves:

  • TypeDark.gif - Taunt, Night Slash
  • TypeBug.gif - X-Scissor.


Saif was just another pirate (and cook) of Hook's Ship when in one of the many battles against Peter Pan, he ended up being captured by Lyuri, having to unwillingly cooperate with her, however he met up with fellow pirate Chum who upon hearing that Maggie was a queen from Sweetie suggested that they joined the group so that they could steal the treasure later, however, Saif started to take a liking to Lyuri and eventually got out of the plan, getting a death threat from Chum in the process, later, he overheard him singing about how he also was taking a liking to his group, Saif called him out of his hypocrisy and mocked him, earning more anger from Chum.

Near the end of the arc, Saif got injured by a really powerful Dragon Pulse that was extra lethal thanks to the world they were currently in suffering the most influence from the darkness, he was left uncounscious for the rest of the arc. He woke up when Hikari was starting to take care of his wounds and met up with a evolved Chum, who told him that he now understood why he decided to stop being a pirate, after being healed, he now just accompanies Lyuri in her adventures.


He took a liking to his trainer, Lyuri, with time, though they had a bit of a rocky start at first, he also was Chum's partner for a while, beforing quitting the plan to steal whatever treasure Maggie had, however the two soon sorted things out.


  • He apparently can cook.
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