Icicle Crash

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The Icicle Crash is the main transport vessel of Team Glacier, and the closest thing the team has to a base of operations. It was stolen found by Icicle and Shadow in Sootopolis City. Shadow and Stella are the only mons capable of piloting it, due to them being the only ones to read the manual. It was given its name in Kalos after the Stormchaser was acquired. It is named after three things: the move Icicle Crash, its owner, and what it does when arriving in a new region.

Forte can be considered the airship's human owner, and he often provides rides to other J-Team members.

Known Facilities

  • Several cabins for passengers.
  • An observation deck on top.
  • A cafeteria, which may or may not still be stocked with food.
  • A training room for team members featuring holographic enemies.
  • A lounge featuring a large TV. Stella and Odd have a secret cuddle spot in a compartment nearby.
  • The "Cold Zone": A supercooled room that serves as a playground for Icicle. Also doubles as an ice skating rink.
  • A sauna, for some unknown reason.
  • A heavily armored hull capable of withstanding an attack from Kyurem, among other things.