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Miscellaneous Facts about the RP that are condensed here because there's no other page to put them in, they're quite minor, they're quite trivia, or we like redundancy.

See also: Category:Trivia

  • Minds of Crystal are capable of communicating with Kyurem. Anyone else just hears static.
  • There exists a massive multiverse within the RP. Places visited include the PMD universe and the alternate timeline created due to Cyrus’ interference with the original timeline.
  • Firearms exist, but are relatively rare and limited mainly to law enforcement and organized crime. Cipher happens to be one group with access.
  • Lava Cookies and other poison-curing foods and items can even cure drunkenness.
    • But Oran Berries are even better!
  • Aura is expanded to include psychic powers, Ghost type Obscura, and Dark type Obscura, as well as the Aura exhibited by Lucario and Mienshao. It goes under the fan nickname of “Jane!Aura”. From rarest to most common it goes Dark type Obscura, Ghost type Obscura, Aura, and psychic powers.
  • Pokémon may refer to each other by their real world equivalents as a shorthand. Ex. Eel for Eelektross, or otter for the Buizel and Oshawott Lines.
  • Keldeo’s father, Keldeo I, is still alive. He prefers to let nearly everyone think he’s dead though.
  • Lugia will shed Silver Wings in the presence of a Soul of Silver. It was how Tagg got his Silver Wing at the age of 11 following a brief encounter with Lugia inside a Whirl Islands cave. Ho-oh, however, is more selective as to who gets a Rainbow Feather.
  • There are three known Legendary Beast trios, namely the Johto, Oblivia and Crown Beast Gerbil Trios.
    • The legendary birds also have three trios in the same locations, including the Orange Islands trio.
  • The reason that Gamer, DS and Luke happen to be canon protagonists is that Gamer happens to be Brendan’s equivalent, and Ethan and Dawn missed the call, the latter because she got a cold shortly before the start of Platinum’s story.
  • Celestia, Luke’s Volcarona, is over 1000 years old and happens to be the Pokémon behind Black’s Volcarona entry. Said volcano happened to be Mt. Battle in what is now Orre.
    • This has however been retconned. Mt. Battle was formed by the resident Heatran, as revealed in the Orre Arc.
  • There is, in-RP, a Poison-type Legendary evicted from the Pokéverse, fighting his way “back” into canon against a Nidoran.
    • This legendary is now known to be Eternatus, and has returned to the Pokéverse.
  • For some reason, Hoennese Pokemon will dance whenever Cotton Eye Joe is played.
  • Whenever someone defeats the Elite Four and Champion of a region in this universe, they can either take the position of Champion for themselves or simply enter the Hall of Fame and become a League recognized trainer.
    • At one point, the position of Champion had to be offered; this was how Ellen ended up with the position.
  • The Legendaries have a Council located within the Hall of Origin.
  • There happens to be at least two Creation trios, namely the originals and the three created from the Arceus Sinjoh event. Giratina the Second belongs to Cynthia, but the whereabouts of Dialga and Palkia the Second remain unknown.
  • Some of the music within the games actually exists within RP canon, like the D/P/Pt legendary battle music being a Sinn war chant and other battle music being religious hymns.
  • Post #88888 was, according to Every, “specifically written to troll me”. That doesn’t make it less cute.
  • Items associated with Legendaries can be used to summon them anywhere, such as the Rainbow and Silver Wings.
  • The main Headquarters of the PEFE Association are located at [REDACTED].  That information is so confidential that PEFEgons, special adapted AIs responsible of helping manage the facilities, censor mentions of it even out of universe, like in the TVTropes forum or in this very wiki. All that's really known is that it is located somewhere within the Sea of Kyogre.
  • Pokemon can be born either by live birth or by eggs, with the latter being more common. Nidoran in Johto happen to prefer the former method.
  • The first ever Pokémon run game show is broadcasted on radio from Goldenrod on the Variety Channel, called "Are you Sillier than a Pidgey?", and is hosted by Shahinne clone #4137.