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Alys Boucher is an Illusion Project Admin.



Alys is tall (at about six and a half feet) and unnervingly thin, with long, limp black hair and dark blue eyes. Though she is relatively young (27 years old), she looks about a decade older. She wears a faded blue dress, and her mannerisms give one the impression of a spider.


Alys is a creepy, creepy woman. Delighting in making those beneath her (and some of her rank) squirm, she uses her masterful psychological skills and understanding of human behavior to manipulate and unnerve those around her. Occasionally, Alys can be affable and even tender to those she likes (her mons and certain underlings), but she is on the whole an unpleasant and disturbing individual.

Alys has a curious tendency to eat anything, including wax fruit and pages from books, and is rumored to have a taste for blood.


Alys was born and raised in Laverre City, one of three children. Her parents were quite affluent. Beyond this, not much is known.

Alys' Team



Alys has varying opinions of her fellow Admins. She thinks Orllof is an insufferable old man; she sees Voynich as a rabid animal that should be put down for the good of the Project; she is intrigued by Shard, but annoyed by her unflappable nature; and she, on occasion, sees Mathilde as a decent enough friend (but most of the time she thinks she's a shallow airhead).

Alys has a disturbing fondness of Juliet, her Specialist. It is unclear just what the nature of it is, but Juliet hates it. Alys tends to get incredibly jealous of anyone that Juliet hangs out with, and as such despises Kyrie.

Alys sees Wil as a dull automaton. She knows more about him than he may know.

Alys saved Victor's life, and enjoys the pedestal he has placed her on due to it.

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