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Name: Danielle Mara
Nickname: Dani, Batastrophe
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 19
Height: 5'4"
Ethnicity: White
Birthday: February 15, 1999
Trainer ID: -
Home: Fall City
Pokéform: Unknown
Starter: Clefable

Batastrophe, real name Danielle Mara, is an NPC written by Herbert40k and was formerly one of a trio of supervillains led by Earthwyrm.


Dani was energetic, permanently cheerful, and totally obsessed with Shingeko. She was infatuated by his heroic escapades and willing to go to any lengths to get his attention, such as hijacking a space rocket simply to set off a firework display and declare her undying love. The inherent contradiction in trying to win a superhero's affections by committing crime escaped her entirely. She was also prone to random and violent outbursts, particularly when anyone insults her beloved.

Since her retirement from supervillainy, Dani has mellowed out somewhat. She has gotten over her obsession with Shingeko, and while she is still somewhat manic, her violent instincts have been vastly toned down.


Apparently orphaned at a young age, Dani grew up as an urchin on the streets of Fall City, along with her older brother who later disappeared. She met Tara after attempting to pickpocket her, and the two soon became friends, with Tara helping Dani eke out a living and learn how to read. The pair would later join up with Earthwyrm during the Ranger-2 Arc, seeking fame and fortune for themselves.

Dani was first introduced in her alter ego as Batastrophe, hijacking a space rocket to put on an impromptu fireworks display for Shingeko. After Earthwyrm was forced to give up supervillainy, she and Helion were hired to kidnap Lucius and Alice by Mr. Smith. They succeeded, but the J-Team led a counterattack to recover the pair and Batastrophe was seriously wounded in the following battle, which prompted Tara to surrender herself to the team.

Shortly afterwards, during the Re: Glitch Arc, Dani, Tara and Shun were all trapped together in a recreation of their own memories by the Memory Glitch. The three of them grew close during their efforts to escape, and were eventually able to break free and defeat the glitch. The trio have been fast friends ever since.


Dani's closest friend is Tara, and she feels she owes the older girl a great debt for helping her get off the streets and make a name for herself. She is also a good friend of Shun's.


Batastrophe's costume is based on a Swoobat. She wears a heart-shaped pink mask that covers her eyes and nose, a fluffy grey fur collar, long black gloves that come up past her elbows, and a sky-blue dress. Topping the whole ensemble off is a blue wig with two fused, pointed ears sticking out of it. Out of costume, she has shoulder-length blonde hair, bright, cherubic cheeks, and shining blue eyes.




  • Dani was illiterate when she was younger, and still struggles with reading beyond a middle-school comprehension level.