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Helion is one of a trio of supervillains led by Earthwyrm.


Helion's costume is, as her chosen name suggests, Heliolisk-themed. She wears a baggy yellow jumpsuit, a black ruff collar with orange trim, and a black helmet that covers her face entirely.


Helion seems to be the most level-headed member of the trio, lacking the manic energy or enthusiasm for supervillainous antics of the others. She has a tendency to make dry, caustic remarks at the expense of her teammates, pointing out the flaws in their plans or simply mocking their eccentric behaviour. Nevertheless, she still keeps them supplied with technical support and gadgets of her own invention, fulfilling the role of the group's mad (or in this case, relatively sane) scientist.

She has an unrequited crush on Batastrophe, which has thus far gone unnoticed by all except her Heliolisk.