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The Bronze Birds Initiative, or the Bronze Birds for short, are an agency of vigilante birds who act like superheroes. The leader, Icarus, created the agency as an attempted successor to the Auric Avenger, Shingeko and the Greninja Squad, and other superheroes who were mostly active from 2014-2016.

The advertisement for the Bronze Birds is coded in Chickenscratch, a writing system developed specifically for birds to read and nobody else. Advertising the agency is a paid job.


The Bronze Bird outfit consists of a sparkly, bronze-colored cape, and the Bronze Birds sigil across their chest. Depending on the user, this may be adjusted.


Although the exact divisions of the agency are as of yet unknown, it is at least confirmed that a number of Bronze Birds are dedicating their time to solving crises around Alola as well as Kanto, both domestic and supernatural.

In addition to organic, living members, there is also a series of automatons with transferable consciences, referred to as Daedalus Units, that also patrol. When in danger, these automatons can pass their data and consciences on to the nearest available member, and then the body can safely shut down and self-destruct. However, the data transfer is slow and frequently gets stuck at 99% completion.


The Bronze Birds use a ranking system not unlike a condensed version of the rankings in the Air Force:

Cadet --> Lieutenant --> Captain --> Major --> Colonel --> General --> Chief

Cadets are the lowest rank, and where most newly-recruited Bronze Birds start.

The rank of "Chief" is held only by the leader, Icarus.

Known Members

  • Daedalus Units:
    • DU-32 (Self-destructed) -- Pidgey
    • DU-76 -- Unknown
    • DU-115 -- Fletchinder

  • Unrecruited so far:
  • Other:
    • Various birds of unknown rank


  • [Hollow + Miscellaneous Birds] -- Warded off Wanna, of GEAPHDARK, atop Mt. Hokulani.
  • [Vigilante Toucan] -- Along with Narrow, Estoc, and Kofun, cracked the case behind the kidnapping of the Silly Pidgey on her wedding night
  • [Hollow] -- Almost prevented Fortis from flying straight into a spacetime warp. Almost.
  • [Kattraea + Backup] -- Along with Salamence, Megan, and her team, brought Temmie the illicit TM saleswoman to justice.


  • The Bronze Birds' thematic basis is on the Stymphalian birds, mythological flesh-eating birds with beaks of bronze and the ability to shoot their feathers, as well as on Daedalus's automatons.
Bronze Birds
Chief: Icarus
Generals: Unknown
Colonels: Unknown
Majors: Unknown
Captains: Kattraea277Mini.png
Lieutenants: Vigilante Toucan733Mini.png
Cadets: Hollow724Mini.pngCorvan741sMini.png
Daedalus Units: DU-32016Mini.png • DU-76 • DU-115662Mini.png