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Recaps of some of the drama that birdmons & relatives get into. Merle, Salamence, and the Silly Pidgey are some of the most common participants, with Rufus and Jab putting in a fair showing too.


  • The Silly Pidgey appears to run a bakery with strong ties to the Mafia
  • Salamence is the Keymaster of the Fortree City Jail, though Access holds the keys
  • Rufus and Jab are usually somewhat more hardboiled than other participants
  • Merle is a private eye, and insists on payment in shinies

The Scyther At Large

  • A Scyther is on the loose in Summerland, and has kidnapped Mix and Gattaca! Naturally, Salamence is on the lookout.
  • She recruits Marmalade for assistance, and the two are accosted by the Silly Pidgey, who also wants the Scyther out of the way
  • Merle picks up the case, and investigates the city
  • Turns out, it was all a scam, and the Silly Pidgey recruited the Scyther to assist her in eliminating other bird-run businesses in the city. The Altaria Police are summoned at the Silly Pidgey is jailed...for now.


  • The Silly Pidgey has planted bombs in Altru Park, and refuses to talk unless she's jailbroken from the Sandgem Bird Sanctuary for the Criminally Avian. Naturally, Merle and Access take a trip onto the wrong side of the law to help her out
  • Upon breaking her out, it turns out that the bombs were merely delicious chocolate cake bombs. That said, a Xatu with a grudge, Father X, arrives, aiming to take over the Silly Pidgey's business by shooting dead everyone at the scene
  • A Magic Room keeps the gun from working, and the day is saved!

Coherent Waves of Grain

  • Salamence has gone to the dark side?! She & the Altaria Police of Fortree are helping the Silly Pidgey develop a grain-based superweapon to wipe out Father X!
  • Basket & Merle must break out of the Fortree Jail and stop them!
  • Plot Twist! Salamence is, in fact, the Silly Pidgey's Aunt!
  • Plot Twist 2x Combo! The Silly Pidgey is not the Silly Pidgey, but was kidnapped and replaced by the Silly Zoroark, out to take over her baking business!

Kansas City Shuffle

  • Basket & Must join up with Vilkas to investigate a disturbance in Petalburg Forest.
  • Presta, Sol and Ton's Mrs. Mime, tries to lure Ever and Must into some sort of trap on the seafloor.
  • Wait, two Musts?!
  • The one with Ever turns out to be the Silly Zoroark, who escapes with Presta in an imaginary submarine.