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Bubble Shield is a WAAPT-exclusive move originally created by the Suicune of the Oblivia Legendary Beasts, which has since then been tutored to several other water type Pokémon, such as Lake and Iggy amongst others.


After taking a second to lather up a special substance in their mouth, the user inhales deeply, then blows a bubble large enough to envelope themselves in comfortably. The user of this move sacrifices a 1/4 of their maximum HP to make the bubble. If they don't have enough HP to make one, the move will fail.

The bubble itself is like a Dive Bubble - sharing it's attributes of allowing the occupants to breath underwater or in spaces lacking oxygen - but with much increased durability. While this does depend on the HP of the Pokémon who initially blew the bubble, just about any Bubble Shield can protect against one attack before it pops. As with the similar move, Substitute, they also provide immunity to all status conditions and flinching.

A key difference from Substitute, however, is that the Bubble Shield is always considered a Water-type Pokémon, instead of sharing the type of the Pokémon that created it. As such, all type resistances and weakness apply when taking damage. While this isn't really notable for most Pokémon that can use this move (Being Water or part Water-type anyway), the few non Water-type Pokémon that can use it may find some usefulness in hiding behind a shield of a different type for a while.

It does have it's weaknesses, however! Grass and Electric type moves will deal double damage to a bubble, making it generally a waste of HP to use against Pokémon with moves of those types. Bubble Shield will also always fail if used while entry hazards (Stealth Rock, Spikes, Toxic Spikes) are in place. An existing shield (One made before Entry Hazards were set up) won't be affected, however.

One more obvious threat to be aware of is attacks with sharp, pointed objects (Pin Missile, Needle Arm and Icicle Spear being a few examples). With enough force, these can easily pierce a bubble's surface, leaving it with a puncture or bursting it completely, leaving you open to further attacks. Needless to say, you don't want that!

Other Uses

Bubble Shield has a variety of other uses, if you're willing to keep some Sitrus Berries or Potions on hand.

Being within a bubble is like being in an overly large rubber ball. A few timed jumps will allow you to bounce rather high into the air! Generally, a bubble will bounce of most surfaces like a pinball, but this should be done with caution! It's very easy to send yourself bouncing out of control, ending up hurting someone else and/or inflicting a large amount of property damage. Also, while you can move in the bubble by rolling it around, bw aware of inclines or hills! You can easily end up rolling down them at a high speed. Again, this can lead to property damage, injuries, and a sick stomach for whoever was inside at the time!

With their bouncy properties, Bubble Shields (whether occupied or otherwise) can be used as a cushion to catch someone falling, or simply to lie on. If you're slumming it in the wilderness, a bubble also makes an excellent tent of sorts to sleep in with your Pokémon. Not only is it comfortable, it'll keep the elements off you, too!

Building on this (literally), bubbles can be stuck together to form structures. The most notable use of this was produced via the Legendary Beasts of Oblivia. With the bubbles produced by Suicune (As noted before, the Pokemon who developed the move), they were able to produce a Bubble Fort know as Fort Beast at Sophian Road on it's namesake Island. With the help of some others, they were able to produce another fort in a Park in Jubilife City to stay in while the Gold Conference was being held. Phantom and Hallow damaged it by popping load bearing bubbles as part of a prank. After the end of the Conference, it was popped completely as clean up before the beasts returned to Oblivia.

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