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This is a list of original battle techniques, abilities and moves in WAAPT. Some of these were created and are tutored by mons, whereas others are developed and distributed as TMs by PEFE. For other moves see either Bulbapedia, for moves as they appear in canon, or ????? for "imported" moves.


  • Bubble Shield - a Water-type variation on Substitute. Formerly signature of Suicune.
  • Freezer Burn: A weaker version of Kyurem's Ice Burn.
  • Heat Shield - a Fire-type "screen fill" "SNK Boss"-like attack. Somewhat of a misnomer, as it does not actually work anything like a shield. Formerly signature of Helios.
  • Kudzu - a Grass-type variation on Stealth Rock. Available in the PEFE TM Catalog.
  • Cloak - a Normal-type, nerfed variation of Shadow Force. Available in the PEFE TM Catalog.
  • Laser Pointer - exactly what it says on the tin. Good to confuse feline mons. Available in the PEFE TM Catalog.
  • Hit Yourself - ditto. (If you're confused you'll hit your opponent) Available in the PEFE TM Catalog.
  • Meteor Rage - A signature combination attack using Draco Meteor and Outrage to create a “sphere of destruction” effect around the rampaging Pokémon. Signature of Tiamat and Alduin.
  • Rotom Ball - a combination of Shadow Ball and Electro Ball, fused into a single attack. Signature of Obitus and Habitatus.
  • Milk Machine Gun - a variation of Seed Bomb used by Miltank Legion Miltanks (and others?) based off the "Matrix cow" video.
  • Ice Blade - details unknown. Available in the PEFE TM Catalog.
  • Refrigerate - freezes (status) the target on touch.
  • Regen - gradually restores health for a while, like in Last Legends. Available in the PEFE TM Catalog.
  • Burrow - a one-turn (slower) version of Dig, less powerful of course. Available in the PEFE TM Catalog.
  • Defend - a priority move that blocks half of all damage received until it is cast down. Available in the PEFE TM Catalog.
  • Rock Lancelet - details unknown.
  • Fireworks - details unknown.
  • Lash - details unknown.
  • Do The Wave - details unknown.
  • Thunder Pummeling - An Electric-type variation of Close Combat that uses Thunder Punches. (Accidentally) created by Lightning.
  • Soul Bite - Vampiric draining attack, essentially a Ghost-type Draining Kiss
  • Electroweb-Delta - A variant of Electroweb that acts as an entry hazard paralyzing the next Pokémon that enters before it gets neutralized. Unique to 9-Volt.
  • Twinsteel Tail Strike - A weaker variation of Melmetal's Double Iron Bash. Currently unique to Piku-chan.

Created for Orre Arc: A WAAPT Fangame

  • Disintegrate - a charged Fire-type attack that can only be used by enraged Fire-type Legendary Pokemon, and is specifically signature of Shadow Heatran. May be somewhat of a combination of Heat Shield and Shadow Fire.
  • Shadow Cannon - A Shadow variant of Techno Blast; multiplies type effectiveness based on the user's Drive (Fire, Water, Ice, or Electric) in addition to Shadow move effectiveness (super effective against non-Shadow Pokemon, not very effective against Shadow Pokemon)


  • Twofold: Allows the Pokemon to use the same attack twice in one turn, in exchange for taking up two spaces in a Double or Triple Battle. Rotom-Z's signature ability.
  • Neutralize: Turns any Normal-type attack into ???-Type, and boosts them similar to Pixilate. A hacked ability.
  • Avenger: When the Pokemon is sent out, their ATK increases for every fainted ally, and decreases for every fainted opponent.
  • Outsider: Often seen in Pokémon that were originally beings translated from other worlds, technically more of a catch-all term for a complex of Abilities that in some way reflect traits the bearer had in their original homeworld.


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