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Name: Emma
Nickname: None
Gender: Female
Sexuality: -
Age: not stated
Height: {{{height}}}
Ethnicity: -
Birthday: not stated
Home: not stated
Pokéform: Donphan
Starter: not stated

Emma is a Trainer who was turned into a Phanpy and had her memories stolen at the beginning the PMD Returns Arc, during an Entralink incident that Shardported her to PMD-A. She is the leader of Team Sandy, and is also the Trainer of all of the other members. She is played by Tropeless.


Nothing is known about Emma's background before the Entralink incident.


Emma is a rather stout girl, and she is completely attached to her hardhelmet. She wears a brown longcoat, which covers her long brown pants and lighter green T-shirt. She always has her nifty backpack with her, which carries her Explorer_Kit and any other supplies a miner would need. (And, like everyone else in the Pokemon universe, she only has many copies of the same outfit.) Looks something like this:


Just replace the bicycling helmet with a hardhat.


Emma loves mining. She could talk to anyone all day about it. She is kind of perky, but doesn't have any strange speaking habits. She cares for her Pokémon and is also a competitive battler on the side, using a Sandstorm strategy.

Pokémon Form Statistics

  • Nature: Hasty (+Speed, -Defense)
  • Ability: Pickup
  • Level: 38
  • Held Item: None


  • Odor Sleuth
  • Horn Attack
  • Bulldoze
  • Defense Curl
    • Rollout (link'd)
  • Flail
  • Rapid Spin
  • Fire Fang
  • Thunder Fang
  • Assurance

Role in the Plot

Recovering from the Entralink

The Entralink incident dropped her near Treasure_Town, on the beach. She had mo memories other than her name, and she decided it would be best to create a life in Treasure Town before trying anything. She joined the Wigglytuff_Guild and was involved in a calm parody of the plot of the PMD games (by calm I mean there were no situations that lead her to go into the dungeons, they were all mundane reasons (although the need for Somnus, who is now a Hypno, is debatable)). In Drenched_Bluff, she found Crine, and in Apple_Woods, there was a shard of the Space-Time Orb in the tree that dropped out and Shardported her and Crine to the Haruba_Desert region in PMD-B, where they go through a mock of Chapter 2 in Paper Mario. After beating Tutanturtwig and his pet Granbull, Granby, they find Potomi and get Shardported to Rusturf Tunnel. They head to Rustburo, get a heal, and investigate a Lunatone that's been spotted in Meteor_Falls, which turns out to be her final lost teammate.

Back to Parody

With her memories and team back, Emma and her team then Shardport to Craggy_Coast, and continue through their parody through Mt._Horn, Foggy_Forest, and Steam_Cave, before meeting Uxie and being quickly teleported back to Treasure Town with all memories after the Shardport lost. She later, under the guidance of Selene's star, went to Northern_Desert and Quicksand_Cave, before meeting Mesprit and repeating.

Minax's Castle (and then more parody)

After returning from Quicksand Cave, she bumped into Nonag and her gang, who requested help defeating Minax in her castle. They traveled to Miracle_Sea to get the Air Blade, Minax's supposed one weakness. Crine, with Storm Drain, easily won. After that, they went to her castle and met Gamer and his group (and two of Eskay's Mons), where they fought and defeated Minax. The castle disintegrated, but Potomi's sand took its form. Later, she went to Crystal_Cave and Crystal_Crossing and met Azelf, and the he and the rest of the Lake Trio decided to give her (and her Mons) a "memory vault" blocking access from unwanted mind-readers as consolidation. After a mission to find the Golden Chamber in Waterfall Cave, the Aron that they were escorting asked to join the team, and was promptly accepted. A few days later, they had their first off-screen training montage in preparation for a journey to Dark Land, a faraway island. At Dark Land, they went through Chasm_Cave, Dark_Hill, Sealed_Ruin (and fought Spiritomb), Dusk_Forest, and Deep_Dusk_Forest, before getting teleported back to camp (and flown back to Treasure Town) by a mysterious plot-mon. They then had another montage.

Shadow and the last Gem

Emma and her team then finally got Friend_Zones set up for exploration, and it didn't take long for them to find Forte and Pianis and their teams (and Lifealope) searching for Shadow in Egg Engines, who they had met earlier along with Team Chaotix. A nice PA announcement from Dr. Exeggutor informed them of the last Gem's location, and they ran to it, reaching the Gem when Team Dark does, before it races off and Emma and Shadow race for it. Emma wins, but Shadow cleverly takes the Gem, and goes and does his insane stuff. They eventually stall him out in the main reactor, and leave for Kanjoh to do their own stuff.

Potential Future

Emma doesn't really have any certainties towards her future, but she is a new character so she has possibilities (however, not many, as she's only a side character).

In the AU

Nothing is currently known about Emma in the AU, however she visits the Haruba Desert (or, as it is now called, Dry Dry Harba Desert) region in PMD-B, and afterward Rustburo and Meteor Falls in the present AU.

Emma's Team
On Hand:Crine346Mini.pngPotomi450Mini.pngSelene337Mini.pngIronmonger305Mini.pngIana227Mini.png
Boxed:None so far.
Alternate Timeline:None so far.
As last seen in: Johto