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Juanito (last name unrevealed) is an operative working for PEFE under various roles, employed under Silent's research wing. He is from the Angela region but travels all around the world, in particular the region of Kanto and the Orange Islands. Back at home he is married and has a daughter, as well as two pet Pokémon, a Serperior♀ and a Traquill.

His (unrevealed) Starter was a Snivy, but it is not the same Serperior he has at home, who is his wife's.

Juanito's NPC handler is User:VeniaSilente.


Juanito appears in the Orange Islands Arc as Silent's preferred operative at the Kidnapping and Disappearance Ops Custom Operations wing to have Lyra "disappear". He is then assigned to travel from island to island looking out for information about a Trainer with a Luxio (revealed beforehand to be Sarabi) as assistance for Rex. Then he sends equipment to one of the islands's PEFE Storage buildings to be used in the archipelago-wide search of a kidnapped Lugia.

When most of the cast travel to Fallarbor and fall into a communal coma that brought them to the world of mindscapes, Juanito's wing is called there to help take care of the bodies and bring medication and health monitoring equipment. He brings Pedrito, one of his own underlings, for the ride. After this is done, he mentions he is going to take an extended vacation leave to travel to Angela to his wife and daughter. For his daughter he had just bought a piano, which he paid with his savings from his work plus a bonus that Silent gave him for the assistance rendered during the aforementioned mindscape crisis.

When Maggie travels to Sinnoh to have her second PEFE signing up test under Silent, she is later returned by chopper to Canalave by Juanito, who had travelled there to help Silent pick and pack members of an Ekans overpopulation to PEFE HQ habitats.