Miracle Fruit

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Miracle Fruits are a type of plant native to the Dream World. When consumed by a Pokémon, they grant supercharged abilities for a short time. They also cause their user to glow in rainbow colors.

Known Effects

  • Mezzo: Gained an enhanced Thief move, enabling her to steal virtually anything.
  • Ever: Gained the ability to swallow large objects whole and spit them back out.
  • Joseph: Gained super strength and the ability to easily lift and throw large objects.
  • Fortis: Gained the ability to fire strong bursts of wind from her wings.
  • Mimmy and Noelle: Shared one between them. Both gained the ability to fire blasts of bright light, Mimmy from her eyes and Noelle from her flower. The lights were amplified when used together.
  • Samantha: Improved her psychokinetic abilities, allowing her to lift and throw many things.
  • Maria: Grew drastically in size, allowing her to fly while carrying the other team members.
  • Gumbomb: Gained access to a tank with a high-powered cannon and hovering capabilities.
  • Doc: Enabled Mega Evolution without the use of a Mega or Key Stone.