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Name: Miria
Gender: female
Sexuality: -
Age: 17
Ethnicity: -
Birthday: -
Home: Unnamed town in Hoenn
Pokéform: unknown
Starter: Torchic

Miria is a Trainer born in Hoenn but raised mostly in a region which might be Angela or nearby. She is fairly experienced in one-on-one battles, but has barely any experience in some of the newest battle styles such as Rotation.


Miria first appears in the Orange Islands Arc as a participant in a NFE Tournament where she expects to have her Pokémon get enough experience to go then take the Kanto Gym Challenge. She takes on a couple of battles and then continues her path offscreen; a long time after, she is revealed to have just barely defeated Misty's Gym but is well on her way to acquire the last badges she needs to take part in the annual Indigo Plateau Tournament.

Her starter is a male Torchic.

Her NPC handler is User:VeniaSilente.

In Silent's Fic!Verse

In her original incarnation, Miria is the daughter of a woman running a flower shop that is planning to expand and export flower varieties to Angela. While she does help at home, she and her Pokémon's main activities are as a fairly specialized fighting team that has gone around and earned several single-battle and endurance style tournaments; Miria herself has some knowledge in martial arts for self-defense.

At some point one of Miria's Pokémon is called in by a Leafeon and her mysterious Organization to take part in a special project related to finding and reuniting participants of a military operation, as well as fighting poaching teams trying to explore a mysterious landmark. However that Pokémon is instructed to not reveal to their teammates or Trainer that the true purpose of their operations is to create a distraction and cover for a vigilante's related activities.

Miria's Team
On Hand : Tephros256Mini.pngSquall104Mini.pngVoltorb100Mini.png
As last seen in: Cerulean City