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Name: Diamond
Nickname/Alias: Carbon
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age: Mid-30s (Biologically), 21 (Chronologically)
Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Ethnicity: General School genetic slurry, appears primarily of mixed Celestica descent
Birthday: c. January 2001
Attribute: Mind of Crystal
Trainer ID: Unknown
Home: Unknown (originally the Poni Island School facility)
Pokéform: Unknown
Starter: Spirit
Status: Alive

Diamond is an Aura Guardian, formerly a Schoolkid from Chiyo's class.


Diamond appears to be in his mid-thirties, with tan skin, long black hair usually tied into a bun, and minor heterochromia -- both eyes are purple, but his left eye has a redder hue while his right eye has a bluer hue. His bangs drape over his left eye, in a way that highlights his resemblance to Volo, one of his major genetic sources. He dresses in modern Aura Guardian garb.


The first impression Diamond gives is that of an aloof teacher, as per his status as an Aura Guardian. By necessity, he is reclusive, cautious, and very pensive. However, with those he is familiar and comfortable with, he lightens up and has somewhat of a playful, mischievous streak. He treats his sway over time with utmost gravitas, weighing any decisions very carefully through logic -- though as demonstrated with his decision to join Chiyo in fighting the School, he occasionally recognizes logical risks before making an informed decision based on his own desires anyway.


Diamond's core abilities are clairvoyance and chronomancy. His most notable ability is rreeffrraaccttiioonn -- division of the flow of time into two parallel threads, differing by butterfly effect. Due to his Mind of Crystal, he is aware of his perception in both threads simultaneously; other realized Minds of Crystal are likewise able to perceive inconsistencies between the two threads as well, to varying degrees of understanding depending on the individual's familiarity with the effect. Diamond is also able to terminate one of these threads and solidify the other as the "true" course of events. Formerly, Diamond was able to refract time in a third direction, but Adelinde the Scythe killed that thread's version of him before he could terminate the thread, permanently severing it.

Diamond's clairvoyance also manifests in short-range Future Sight, being able to predict events in the short term during the midst of combat. He also has a number of standard Psychic abilities, such as close-range telekinesis and telepathy, which he can focus through his Aura Guardian-granted staff.

Being a clairvoyant and a fully realized Mind of Crystal, Diamond has been able to detect major divergence points of timelines splitting off from the OU, as well as vague glimpses of events in these divergent timelines. He recognized the J-Dan timeline, as well as being aware of the fate of the School in numerous worlds where they fell victim to Mewtwo's ire.

Notable Items

  • Aura Guardian staff, with an octahedral piece of Luminite at the end.


  • Diamond considers his fellow batchmates from the New Century Class to be his siblings. He also generally perceives Schoolkids as his brothers and sisters in a broad sense.
  • Diamond has a level of respect for Tagg and Echo, having invited them to meet him on Newmoon Island alongside Chiyo and the other escapees of the New Century Class.
  • Diamond is Vierr's primary tutor among the Aura Guardians.




  • Escaped the School and avoided recapture or death for 20 years.
  • Taught Vierr how to refine his Pan-Auric abilities, after Vierr struggled with them for years.