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"I have a Trainer now... That puts limits on what I can eat…“

Species: Seviper

Gender: Male

Nature: Lonely

Ability: Shed Skin

Obtained: Veilstone City

Ball: Quick

Name Basis: Snake in Redwall

Ideal VA: none yet

General Description:

Before he was captured, Asmodeus was known as the Random Seviper - and the moniker suits him. He's prone to non-sequitrs and bizarre observations that confuse others. He also has quite the appetite- he once devoured an entire party's supply of food. When he's not trying to eat something though, he can be surprisingly friendly. Just don't ask him if he draws out his Ses, or you may find a tail blade against your throat.

Bio: Coming soon

Known Moves: Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb, Venoshock, Coil, Crunch, Night Slash, Sucker Punch, Dark Pulse, Giga Drain, Flamethrower, Earthquake, X-Scissor, Glare

Trivia: Coming soon

Lina's Team
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Alternate Timeline : Chrome376Mini.pngHerbert208Mini.pngStorer 235Mini.pngTerry470Mini.pngAsmodeus336Mini.pngYomi630Mini.png
Another Universe : None yet
Past : Icarus561Mini.png • Deathwing635Mini.png • Decibel295Mini.png • Frasier 454Mini.png • Louis 553Mini.png • Sirius (Absol)359Mini.png
As last seen in: Hoenn-2