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"I tried fangirl-stalking someone once. It didn’t work out. Doesn’t help that I’m a vulture."

Species: Mandibuzz

Gender: Female

Nature: Careful

Ability: Overcoat

Obtained: Unknown

Ball: Poke

Name Basis: Character in Azumanga Daioh.

General Description:

Yomi is pretty much the “team mom” of Lina’s Pokémon. She’s always looking out for other members of the team and making sure they don’t get in trouble. She’s also an avid bookworm, and she enjoys comics as much as regular books. (She’s also a yaoi fangirl, but she doesn’t like to admit it. At all. ) She’s very defensive in battle, relying on her wits and support moves to stall her opponents out. Overall, Yomi is very caring for a Mandibuzz, and knowledgeable to boot.

Bio: Coming soon

Known Moves:

  • TypeDark.gif Knock Off, Taunt
  • TypeFlying.gif Roost, Brave Bird
  • TypePoison.gif Toxic
  • TypeNormal.gif Protect


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As last seen in: Hoenn-2