Creepy Shadow Plushie

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"That is not a doll. That is the absolute incarnation of pure evil."

The Creepy Shadow Plushie is a plushie of Shadow. It has only one ear, in accordance with Shadow's J-Team TV Show incarnation, and a voice box that allows it to say various phrases.


This doll was bought by Forte at a toy shop in Aspertia City. Shadow took an instant dislike to it, but Forte kept it around.

In Humilau City, a rift to a particularly nightmarish part of the Dream World was accidentally opened by Icicle, and the plushie was sucked in along with him and his family. There it apparently gained sentience and murderous intent, but was torn up by being thrown into a pit of thorns. Upon returning from the Dream World, it was burned by Shadow, and then soaked and tossed into the ocean by Fourier.

Some time later, it was found by Fortis, who brought it with her to the Pokémon League in Unova. After she attempted to show it to Pinkie, he panicked and it was thrown off into the distance by Thoreau.

It landed on Pianis' head, and he decided to keep it and give it to Forte as a birthday gift. After Shadow panicked from seeing it again, Forte threw it off the deck of the Icicle Crash while on the way to Holon.

It somehow washed up near the coast of Gateon Port in Orre, where Forte found it again. Immediately after finding it, it was stolen by a Cipher Peon, who apparently mistook it for a real Espeon.

In the Under, this Peon tried to use it to attack the Morendos, but being a plushie, it didn't do anything. He fled after Mezzo kicked it away.

Upon returning to the Under for a Halloween party, the Morendos encountered it again, atop what appeared to be the dead body of the Peon that captured it. Upon closer inspection, the body was revealed to be an empty suit of armor. The plushie was burned by Skyfire and left behind in the tunnels.

The plushie later made an appearance in Night Vale, owned by Cecilia.

On Route 6 in Kalos, Shadow found a cult of Espurr worshipping the plushie, which had selected him as its "chosen one". The Espurr tried to kidnap him, but he escaped with help from Team Dark, and Omega punched the plushie into the distance.

Its current location is unknown.