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The Hoenn Mini-Arc was an interlude that took place between the Sinnoh and Unova arcs.

Major Events

  • The group decides to split up for a bit before meeting again in Unova.
  • Tagg decides to head down to Hoenn after getting word of some ruins.
  • Within Hoenn he meets up with Anom and Jane in Slateport and the trio decides to go visit Jane's house in Lavaridge before heading over to the ruins.
  • Within the ruins the Unown teleport them above the planet and then to the Sinjoh Ruins, where Palkia fixes their home dimension, and Unown gives the proto-J-Team visions as a reward.
  • Jane is left horrified after a prank involving Zekrom and Reshiram.
  • Wolf is ordered by Steven Stone to head to Unova, but is so struck by Jane's pain on the plane ride that he pulls a Heel Face Turn.
  • The group heads over to Blackthorn before taking a plane to Unova.



  • An underwater Unown ruin in Hoenn is established.
  • A mural is discovered at the Sinjoh Ruins.

Arc Information

Characters Joined


  • A creepy old man




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