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Neziey is Axis Hunter's Shiny Lapras, and the fifth Pokemon that they caught on their journey.


Personality Profile

Your name is NEZIEY. You are a SHINY LAPRAS.

If it weren't for LETINA, you'd probably be the MOST SANE POKEMON ON AXIS HUNTER'S TEAM. Then again, though, we might be mistaken in saying that, since unlike YOU, LETINA is able to speak HUMAN LANGUAGE. Regardless, however, you are an EXTREMELY KIND, CARING, AND MOTHERLY POKEMON. You are ALWAYS WILLING to help out anyone in need, as you just did with AXIS AND THEIR MONS just a few minutes ago, and are definitely willing to give ADVICE out to your friends whenever necessary. While you do not have any CHILDREN of your own, you do treat those younger than you as though they are your own CHILDREN... though this probably will come off as a bit PATRONIZING to some, including LETINA. You don't mean to be PATRONIZING, however-- you genuinely LOVE your friends and WANT TO SEE THEM SUCCEED IN THE WORLD. Of course, all of these aspects of your PERSONALITY are obvious when you consider the GREEK GOD who serves as your basis-- HERA. In case you don't know, she is the GODDESS OF MOTHER AND CHILDBIRTH. Unlike HERA, though, you would never harbor ANY ILL WILL towards your "CHILDREN". Due to this, you are very ACCEPTING and PATIENT towards other people and POKEMON, especially those with QUIRKS that others may find ANNOYING. In other words, you will make an absolutely GREAT FRIEND towards AXOLLO-- not like LETINA isn't already. Your PATIENCE does have its limits, however, even if it takes a LONG TIME for you to reach them, and like all MOTHERS, people will regret making you ANGRY-- especially if you are involved in a STRIFE and even more especially if someone hurts any of your "CHILDREN" or your FRIENDS-- ESPECIALLY YOUR TRAINER.

Your INTERESTS are... odd. Unlike the INTERESTS of TEKKAN, PUXIKI, LETINA, and even AXOLLO (albeit in a ROUNDABOUT WAY- POSEIDON is the GOD OF HORSES, and the COCONUT GAG is a classic SILLY COBRA gag), your MAIN INTERESTS do not relate back to YOUR GOD. To be fair, though, this is HERA we're talking about, so if your MAIN INTERESTS related back to WOMEN, CHILDBIRTH, and the LIKE there'd be a bit of an ISSUE. ANYWAYS. Your main INTEREST is FANTASY NOVELS and FANTASY SERIES, REGARDLESS of whether or not said FANTASY NOVELS AND SERIES are for KIDS. This moreso relates back to your SPECIES than it does your PERSONALITY or GOD, as given that you are a LAPRAS, you love TRAVELLING THE WORLD and EXPLORING NEW PLACES. And reading FANTASY NOVELS gives you an opportunity to do just that. Your personal favorite fantasy series, however, is the [EARTHSEA] franchise by [URSULA K. LEGUIN], hence explaining your FUTURE HASSLEMON HANDLE. Or at least the FIRST PART of it. In addition to FANTASY NOVELS, however, you also very much enjoy doing CALM AND RELAXING activities. Things such as SWIMMING, WATCHING TV, DOING MEDITATION, and the like. It's a bit of a shame that you're not a HUMAN yet, really, considering that if you WERE one you could do things like KNIT. We're betting you'd find that PEACEFUL. And of course, like all members of your SPECIES, you like to SING... even though you're not singing right now. In a STRIFE, you mainly rely on your SINGING moves to get the job done, but you don't enjoy using PERISH SONG unless you absolutely feel like you HAVE TO. If anyone has hurt one of your fellow Pokemon, though, YOU WON'T HESITATE to dish out some of your harder-hitting attacks such as BRINE, ICE BEAM, and WATER PULSE. If you were a HOMESTUCK TROLL, your STRIFE SPECIBUS would be ICEKIND ABSTRATUS.

In about a few days WAAPT time, you will be caught by one AXIS HUNTER.

Your Hasslemon handle (when you have it) will be geoselenicAuthority (GA) and ==your voice is very smooth and flowing much like a river==

Level of Homestuck familiarity: Only some. You've come across and read a few panels, and are familiar with the KIDS and a few TROLLS, but nothing else beyond that.


  • Met: The Wild Area
  • Ability: Water Absorb
  • Favorite Move: Sing
  • Nature: Gentle
  • Characteristic: Likes to relax
  • Ball: Heal
  • Hasslemon typing quirk: ==Types with equals signs surrounding her words to resemble a river, and does not use ending punctuation==

Known Moves

  • TypeNormal.gif: Sing, Perish Song
  • TypeWater.gif: Life Dew, Brine, Water Pulse, Rain Dance
  • TypeIce.gif: Ice Shard, Ice Beam
  • TypeGhost.gif: Confuse Ray


  • Neziey's name is derived from a corruption of "Nessie", a common nickname for the Loch Ness Monster, which serves as Lapras' partial inspiration.
  • According to Goldenheart388, Neziey's Hasslemon handle is geoselenicAuthority (GA). "Geoselenic" means "relating to the earth and moon", and potentially connects back to Neziey's love of the Earthsea Cycle by Ursula K. LeGuin. "Authority", meanwhile, relates to not just her knowledge of fantasy novels, but also her status as a patient and motherly figure towards the rest of Unit Alpha. It also ties into her corresponding Greek god, Hera, who is the goddess of children and marriage. Additionally, all of the Hasslemon handle abbreviations of Unit Alpha correspond to that of a Homestuck troll; Neziey's handle abbreviation, GA, matches up with that of Kanaya (grimAuxiliatrix (GA)).
  • According to Goldenheart388, Neziey's character theme is "Never Ending Story" by Limahl, while her Broadway character theme is "You'll Be in My Heart" from the Broadway version of Disney's Tarzan.
  • Neziey's corresponding Greek god is Hera, the goddess of women, marriage, family, and childbirth. All of these attributes relate back to Neziey's personality as a kind, loving, and motherly figure, but Neziey is the only member of Unit Alpha to not have her main interest (fantasy novels) correspond back to her god in some regard as a result. By proxy, her corresponding sign is Aquarius, her corresponding Homestuck troll in terms of sign is Eridan Ampora, and her corresponding Homestuck troll in terms of personality is Kanaya Maryam.
  • Neziey shares her favorite move, Sing, with Puxiki.
  • Neziey is the third Shiny that Axis has caught, after Letina and Axollo.
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