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Name: Owen Edmundson
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Ace
Age: 22
Height: 5'10"
Ethnicity: Kantonian
Birthday: 6/11/02
Attribute: N/A
Trainer ID: 61193
Home: Pewter City
Pokéform: Bunnelby
Starter: Stipax
Status: Alive


Owen Edmundson is a 5'10", 22-year-old man with scraggly brown hair and hazel eyes. He is often seen wearing an off-white shirt with a tie on it and a brown coat over top of it, along with a belt, black socks and pants, and brown shoes. He wears a black fedora on top of his head, along with glasses, and is often seen carrying a shovel that he uses to dig up fossils with. Sometimes, he will carry a black backpack over his shoulder, which he carries his fossils, Poke Balls, TMs, and such in.


For most of his life, Owen Edmundson had no intention of becoming a Pokemon Trainer-- his prime concern was becoming a paleontogist/archeologist. However, he grew up with an immense curiosity about the world around him and studied both living and dead mons extensively in order to learn more about the past and help preserve the future. To him, Pokemon weren't friends or pets-- they were wild creatures that deserved to be placed in captivity and studied for the sake of knowledge. His attitude towards Pokemon began to change one day when he was 18 years old and serving as an intern at the Pewter Museum in his hometown. He had gotten an assignment to find a Helix Fossil, which he was very excited about; after a week of research the resulting Omanyte would be given to the museum and either released into the wild or kept by the museum executives. While outside searching for the fossil, he met a curious, naive Galvantula who had a similar wonder about the world-- and was able to dig up fossils despite not knowing the move. Owen asked the Galvantula for help, and he promptly obliged, resulting in a day's worth of fossil searching and coming up huge the next day. Not only had Owen found a Helix Fossil by the end of it all, but also a Root, Armor, and Plume Fossil. Ecstatic by his findings, he went to the curator and told him about the Galvantula that had helped him. The curator suggested that Owen capture the Galvantula, and after a moment of contemplation while the fossils were being revived, Owen realized he liked the Galvantula too much to let him go back into the wild. He caught the Galvantula, named him Stipax, and officially became a Pokemon Trainer in the process.

At the same time, the four Fossils were revived into a calm and level-headed Omanyte, a ditzy, goofy and mischievous Lileep, a gentle and hardworking Bastiodon, and a timid Archen. Over the next week, Owen found that he enjoyed hanging out with the mons and learning more about them. He learned a bit of Monese from the whole experience (though still came out of it unfluent), and eventually realized that he didn't want to let his new Fossil friends go. After the next week, Owen announced to the curator that he would be catching the four Fossil mons, much to their delight. They were named Nautilu, Crina, Chasmo, and Teryx, respectively, and a week after the captures Owen completed his internship and was offered a job working for the museum. However, he declined, deciding instead to become a Pokemon Trainer while retaining his desires to help preserve the future and learn more about the past. The curator wished him luck, and he promptly headed off to face the Kanto League. In the process of doing so, all of his Fossil mons evolved, and soon afterwards, he had beaten the Elite Four. Afterwards, Owen wasn't really sure of what to do, so he decided to search for more fossils, and eventually found a Sail Fossil that he took to the Pewter Museum. The Fossil was revived into a drowsy yet kindhearted female Amaura, which Owen named Saura. From there, he decided to head off to Sinnoh in order to search for more Fossils and catch more Pokemon, and is currently challenging the Sinnoh League.


Owen is an eternally curious and idealistic 19-year-old with a love of Fossils and extinct Pokemon. Initially, though, he didn't fully understand the importance of the bonds between people and Pokemon. While he was aware that they existed, and that they were important to history, he was more concerned with studying them in the wild, as he felt it to be a more authentic experience and crucial to the survival of certain endangered Pokemon species. Despite this, he always cared about the Pokemon that he studied, and would often take care of revived fossil mons so that they could survive when released back into the wild. It wasn't until meeting Stipax for the first time that he decided to catch and keep a Pokemon, and it wasn't until his weeklong experience with the four fossilmons that he decided to become a Trainer. As a Trainer, Owen cares a lot about his mons, and while he may not always be able to understand them due to not being fully fluent in Monese, he is generally able to get the gist of what they're saying to him via pictures, body language, and context. He mainly serves as a caretaker to Teryx and a companion to Stipax, answering most of his questions about the universe and how it works with ease. Owen is very knowledgeable about the past and present due to his love of paleontology, and desires more than anything to use what he knows from the past to preserve the future for later generations (which explains his character theme, which straight-up asks the audience "What kind of world do you want?"). He is also aware of the futility of life and wants to use the time he has on this earth to benefit mons and Trainers alike. Unliike characters such as Kimberly Bond and Ingrid Anderson, Owen doesn't seem to care about whether or not he thinks a Pokemon is cute or not; while he does have "cute" Pokemon such as Stipax and Saura on his team, he also has mons such as Nautilu and Chasmo that are widely not considered cute. Despite this, though, Owen does consider Stipax cute and canonically snuggles with him at night according to Goldenheart388. While Owen has not been seen battling on screen, it is implied that he is a very powerful and strategic battler, as he was able to beat the Kanto League and get all 8 badges along with beating the Elite Four with ease. Additionally, 4 of his 6 mons (including 3 Fossil mons) have Egg moves, implying that they all hatched from Eggs before being killed off (in the cases of Nautilu, Crina, and Chasmo) or before meeting Owen (in the case of Stipax).

Other Details

Debut: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=12971269370A74820100&page=23112#577791

Starter: Stipax, his Galvantula

Pokeform: TBD

Likes: His Pokemon, digging for fossils, finding fossils, discovering new things about the world, conserving species, finding out the evolutionary tree (i.e. Darwinian) of certain Pokemon species, his family, battling, playing with Stipax

Dislikes: Anyone who hurts him or his Pokemon, anyone who threatens Pokemon species, the thought of any species of Pokemon going extinct


The Jura6


Sinnohian Captures



  • According to Goldenheart388, Owen's character theme is "World" by Five for Fighting. Half of Owen's first 6 mons (Stipax, Chasmo, and Teryx) have Five for Fighting songs as their English character themes, and according to Goldenheart388, Five for Fighting is Owen's favorite artist, with his top three including the aforementioned one-man band, Shinedown, and Owl City.
  • According to Goldenheart388, Owen's regular chat handle is PaleoExploration1822, and his Hasslemon handle, if he had one, would be the aforementioned handle minus the 1822. The 1822 in the handle is a reference to the year in which the first dinosaur fossils were discovered.
  • Owen's birthday, June 11th, is the day that Jurassic Park was released, with his ID number, 61193, being the exact date (June 11th, 1993).
  • The name "Jura6" is a pun on the Jurassic period of the Mesozoic era, as well as the number 6.
  • All of Owen's Pokemon have names that are derived from the scientific names of extinct animals or "living fossils" (in the cases of Nautilu and Crina).
Owen Edmundson's Team
On Hand: Stipax596Mini.pngNautilu139Mini.pngCrina346Mini.pngChasmo411Mini.pngTeryx567Mini.pngSaura699Mini.png
As last seen in: Neo-Sinnoh