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Crina is Owen Edmundson's Cradily, and the third Pokemon he caught on his initial journey, as well as the second he revived from a fossil.


In her mon form, Crina appears as a regular Cradily... even if she doesn't think she's a regular Cradily.

In her human form (prospective name Dolly Oliver; seen below), Crina appears as a twentysomething year old girl with long green hair with pink tips. Her bangs fall over her eyes and she wears yellow goggles on her head, sometimes lowering them over her eyes due to her thinking said goggles are her real eyes. She also wears a long pink scarf, along with a green and yellow shirt, green pants, and green shoes. Crina is sometimes seen with her tongue sticking out of her mouth in her human form.

Personality and characteristics

Crina is, on the surface, the jokester of the Jura6. She enjoys playing harmless pranks on wild Pokemon she's never met before-- sometimes on other members of the Jura6 (mostly Stipax and Saura)-- and loves making witty puns and lightheartedly mocking the rest of the Jura6 (save for Teryx). Beyond that, though, she is ditzy, forgetful, prone to distraction, and very, very odd. As a Lileep in her former life, that oddness was shown by her thinking that she was an actual flower that needed photosynthesis in order to survive; as a Lileep and later a Cradily in her present life, that oddness is shown by her saying and thinking things about both herself and the state of the world that are completely detached from reality. Most notably, Crina is under the firm belief that the fake yellow eyes on her forehead are in fact her real eyes, and that her actual real eyes (the two yellow dots underneath them) are nubby yellow teeth. This belief was made immediately clear in her introductory scene with the rest of the Jura6 (save for Saura), and is the inspiration for her Hasslemon handle dentalOptics (DO). As a result, Crina eats food by putting her head in the ground-- though she does have a tendency to stick them directly into her eyes, which she claims doesn't hurt at all, before she then "eats" the food (really she's just blinking). She also shares a number of other "beliefs" about the world around her, including that inanimate objects have feelings and can talk and that clouds are the spirits of dead Ditto. The latter statement was directly stated by her on the trip to find Teryx, causing Saura- who had never heard this belief from her before- to merely stare blankly in shock for a few moments. These beliefs either confuse or frustrate other members of the team (with the sole exceptions being Stipax- who doesn't seem to mind them- and Steggy- who is arguably crazier), but she either doesn't seem to mind or adamantly sticks to her beliefs being real. In fact, ironically enough, it's Crina herself who is the most impatient and prone to frustration out of the entire Jura6, usually spurred on by either people insulting her or her friends (she snapped at a dancer in the Techspo for calling her a "garden weed") or anyone who insists that her beliefs about the world are not real. The only ones she won't snap at in the latter case are her Trainer and the rest of the members of the Jura6, instead just lightheartedly shrugging them off. In the former case, however, she doesn't take too kindly to it. Besides the aforementioned incident with the Trainer in the Techspo, she's also gone after members of Team Lightning for doing the same, and notably was the only member of the Jura6 to actively call Teryx out for attacking Owen after the latter grabbed him from behind. If she's not snapping at people, though, she can be a bit stubborn, often arguing with some of the more sane mons (most notably Nautilu) about her beliefs.

Despite her evident frustrations with some of the team members' poorer decisions, as well as her tendency to not make much sense, Crina cares very deeply about the rest of the team in her own way, and is willing to help and protect them no matter what happens. This has been shown multiple times in the RP, most notably during the Jura5's adventure to find Teryx and the aftermath of it. Crina was so caught off-guard by Saura staying awake for an extended period of time that she suggested that Saura had a bug in her brain that was causing her to stay awake, to the point where she was overjoyed when Saura finally mentioned that she was getting sleepy again. In regards to Teryx, she initially pretended to not forgive him for attacking his Trainer during the Hasslemon conversation with the rest of the Jura5, only for her to immediately admit she was kidding before joining the rest of the Jura5 on their journey. Later on, when the group actively found themselves face to face with Teryx having a flashback, Crina pulled out perfume and a beef cookie in order to try and help Teryx calm down, which ultimately ended up working (especially due to the absurd nature of the second item in particular). Crina also has a tendency to make a ton of silly and lame puns, and generally has her head up in the clouds in regards to a lot of things. These include serious conversations, much to the frustration of the ever-finicky Nautilu, who is the most common mon on the team to serve as her minder. Most notably, this was shown upon the Jura5 arriving to the Secret Base for the first time. While the rest of the Jura5- particularly Stipax and Chasmo- apologized for barging in after being scolded by Pat, Crina barely paid any attention at all, and was instead glancing around in awe at the Secret Base, which she had never seen before in her life. In her backstory, she stopped paying attention the moment her parents started lecturing her about the fact that she could not be a flower on land. In general, Crina tends to not really pay attention to things that she considers to be boring, such as lectures of any kind, textbooks that don't include pictures and mainly are just walls of text, or other things like that. However, that doesn't mean that she won't pay attention to important things when things get particuarly serious, to the point wherein her doing so is her main OOCISB indicator. The biggest moment of this for Crina thus far was shortly after hearing Teryx's backstory for the first time- she was so shocked that she didn't say anything for a good few minutes afterwards, only speaking up again when Nautilu asked the group if they knew what PTSD was. From then on, she was willing to listen to Nautilu's rant on PTSD for the sake of trying to help Teryx. According to Goldenheart388, this surprised Nautilu, though it was never commented on in-universe.

Crina also has a tendency to be somewhat naive about things as a result of her ditzy nature, though this was moreso apparent when she was a Lileep in her past life and flat-out assumed that she was a flower. In her present life, that naivete usually is shown by her either not understanding how certain things work (mainly due to her view on life) and by her somewhat odd sense of morality. She, for instance, didn't initially understand the full extent of Teryx's flashback, initially believing that it was just a bad memory rather than an actually traumatizing event for him, and then believing that he just had a wild imagination like herself. Crina often has a tendency to lean on the fourth wall from time to time, although many of the observations she makes typically involve either herself or other characters. Her main belief about her eyes being her teeth is in fact a bit of this, as it directly references a joke about Cradily that is often repeated within the Pokemon community (see "Trivia" for more). However, she has also questioned her being able to hear despite her not having evident ears (and later went on to believe that she accidentally swallowed a hearing aid while she was eating food). Additionally, Crina will often go along with things because she finds them odd (often adding in "and I like odd" after making such statements). That being said, however, despite all of her naivete and oddities about herself, Crina sometimes has a tendency to be far smarter than she appears. Sometimes, she can blurt out statements that seem crazy on the surface, yet are actually correct, and sometimes can pick up on particularly obscure clues in order to get correct answers. She also tends to use her absurdist sense of logic to her full advantage whenever she's dealing with unusual problems, often getting the correct answer through solutions that many would find insane. Due to this, she has been particularly successful at Only Connect (though still nowhere near Ananpi's level). In the RP, this was shown by her using the logic of Wii Sports, of all things, to correctly answer a boxing question on The Wheel (thinking that Wii Sports boxing was identical to the real thing). In that same conversation, and just before said boxing question, Crina revealed another thing about herself: namely, that she has a slightly bad sense of self-esteem compared to how everyone sees her. While she is fully aware that she can be a bit crazy from time to time, she also believes that due to this, she's far dumber than she appears. Most notably, she flat out confirmed to the rest of the Jura6 when questioned about it during the Wheel watch party that the only reason she doesn't answer that many questions herself on the show is because she believes that she is going to get all of them wrong. This was, of course, proven wrong mere moments later, much to her delight. If she's not using her absurdist sense of logic to solve problems, however, Crina has shown herself to be capable of rather impressive logic. This was shown moreso when she was a Lileep in her previous life, wherein she argued with her parents about her wanting to go up on land by pointing out that they couldn't get much, if any, sunlight from living at the bottom of the ocean.

In keeping with Crina's overall joking demeanor, she has a love of absurdist humor, and is overall the most sarcastic member of the Jura6 besides the more deadpan Nautilu. Her sarcasm isn't that acerbic, though, especially when compared to someone like Kendall's Sylveon or- on Owen's own team- Gwana. She also enjoys cooking (though what she does cook often ends up being extremely unusual). She has a fascination for game shows as well, and particularly enjoys watching The Wheel and especially Crashbox/Gamecube (the latter of which is her favorite game show of all time). Even then, though, while commentating on these shows and movies, her commentary is moreso lightly mocking than outright acerbic. Arguably, the most acerbic that Crina ever gets is in battle, wherein she goes between being her normal mischievous self and being extremely brutal. Unlike a mon like Peechee, though, these two modes are one and the same, and ultimately her mischievousness leads to her brutality towards her enemies. She's especially harsh towards anyone who dares to attack her friends or Trainer, such as Team Lightning, or anyone who refers to her as silly or underestimates her power. Her strategy in battle usually involves healing, often using a mix of Ingrain, Giga Drain, and Leech Seed (the latter being her favorite move) to drain the opponent of as much HP as possible. This strategy was particularly used in the battle against Crasher Wake's Floatzel, wherein she used the Floatzel's Life Orb to her full advantage by draining him of pretty much all of his HP even as his power continued to grow. That being said, though, she doesn't really have much, if any, Defensive power, and her Speed leaves a lot to be desired.

Her favorite musical artist, according to Goldenheart388, is Psychostick, and her favorite Gamecube game is Psycho Math.


Prior to being caught and revived by Owen, Crina was the only member of the Jura6 to spend the vast majority of her life at the bottom of the sea. She was naturally born on April 1st-- a day which would much later be known as April Fools' Day-- but even before she knew what that day was, she was celebrating it every birthday. In fact, she practically celebrated it every day of her life, period. Her Cradily parents were mostly pranksters, too, and they would have tons of fun telling jokes, pulling pranks, and the like on each other. But it soon turned out that Crina was a bit more odd than her parents were... largely because, while her parents would kill and eat their prey with their tentacles by making them think they were flowers, Crina didn't want to kill and eat prey because she thought she was a flower. She looked like one, after all, and she was part Grass-type; why did she have to live at the bottom of the ocean and not use photosynthesis? Her parents were confused by this, and initially let it slide because their daughter wasn't necessarily trying to be a flower. But then she started daydreaming. As she got older, Crina began to imagine herself using photosynthesis to get food, being friends with her prey, pulling pranks on them rather than just killing them... and then she began trying to break off of the sea floor. The minute that this happened, her parents tried to pull her back down to earth-- literally. They told her flat-out that she could not go on land, and that while she could still pretend, she wasn't actually a flower even if she looked like one. This wasn't satisfactory for Crina, though. She wasn't a big fan of seriousness and reality-- she much preferred craziness, and so the moment her parents started lecturing her, she stopped paying attention. Frustrated, her parents ordered her to keep herself suctioned to the sea floor. Crina argued that since they were Grass-types, they needed photosynthesis, and they didn't have much sunlight under the water, so they had to go to the surface to get some. She was silly, and not a big fan of reality, but she could make logical arguments from time to time. Even so, though, her parents promptly countered that they had other ways of getting sunlight, and that going right to the surface would kill them. Crina found this odd... but she liked odd, so she decided to stay at the bottom of the ocean.

For the next few years, she tried her best to get sunlight from wherever she could, still believing herself to be a flower and not a sea lilly. She never once used her tentacles to snare prey and trick them-- she considered that too cruel of a prank for their tastes. Yet for some reason, despite all of the ways she tried to photosynthesize from the sea floor, she found herself getting hungry, and soon began to starve. Desperately, and while her parents weren't looking, on January 4th she pulled herself off of the surface of the ocean, swam as best she could, and eventually made it up onto nearby land. She was delighted-- not only by the fact that she could finally get (what she thought) was real food, but also by everything she was seeing on the surface: the trees, the animals, the incredible landmasses in front of her. It was an absolutely amazing place that she couldn't wait to explore further-- but first, food. She decided to bask in the sun and photosynthesize, and proceeded to stand there for hours on end, starving from not having actually eaten any real food. Eventually, she saw a blinding light hit her-- thinking it was the sun-- and then all of a sudden began to run out of breath. She assumed she just needed more sunlight, so she pointed her tentacles towards the sun again-- only for the reality to finally hit her that she wasn't actually getting any sunlight at all. In fact, she was getting too much sunlight just from staring directly into the sun for hours on end. It was at that moment that Crina realized that she wasn't a flower at all, but a sea lilly, and she collapsed on the floor and died a few minutes later. She died on January 4th, at the age of 24, having never evolved herself and having the midmost lifespan of the Jura6 fossilmons, ahead of Saura's mere 11 years on the Earth and Teryx's even merer 31 days.

Millions of years later, on September 30th, her Root Fossil was found and revived, along with the fossils of three other mons. Upon her revival, the first thing she noticed was that she was on land again, and not only was she on land again, but the sun wasn't draining her energy like it had last time. In fact, she seemed to be benefitting from it. She wasn't gaining food from it, so she still couldn't properly photosynthesize (and by this point was fully aware that she was not a flower), but she was gaining energy, and that was enough for her. Other than that, though, she seemed to be her usual jokey, mischievous self. She would pull pranks on Stipax, since he didn't seem to really mind the pranks as they were fully harmless. She still refused to eat her friends or use her tentacles for any nefarious purposes, with the sole exception being battle, during which she was extremely brutal and showed no mercy at all, and she absolutely refused to prank Teryx due to him being extremely sensitive to them. Despite this, Crina is currently still confused as to why exactly he fears electric-based pranks so much. And of course, she continued to space out and was prone to being just as ditzy and forgetful as ever. Owen soon caught Crina due to how silly and goofy she was, although he was somewhat confused by some of the things that she did.

Out of all of the Jura6 fossilmons, and despite having 4 weaknesses, Crina was actually used the most in the Kanto League. She was used against the first three gyms (Brock, Misty, and Lt. Surge), Sabrina, Blaine (due to taking normal damage from Fire attacks), Will, and Koga, and evolved herself into a Cradily via the pottery wheel molding process during the Sabrina battle. Almost immediately after she finished forming her new body, she developed the "my eyes are my teeth" belief about herself that she has to this day.


Crina, like the rest of the Jura6 save for Saura, made her debut in the RP on Hasslemon, wherein she asked Stipax to check her "teeth". Nautilu, who was next to join in on the conversation, quickly informed Crina that those were in fact her eyes-- a fact that Crina did not seem to acknowledge. After participating in a bit of banter with Teryx, she (along with Stipax) emerged out of her [=PokeBall=] for a dance competition, and was extremely eager to join in on the dancing, though she got very indignant about being called a "garden lily" by a breakdancer who challenged Owen to said competition. During this time, she also met Mark Stroud, Travis Renault, and their mons. After Stipax won said competition, Crina informed him that the breakdancers had left and the line to the Jubilife City Techspo was moving again. Crina, from there, was not seen again until the actual start of the Expo, where she and all of Owen's other mons were sent out to look at the Expo and get sent to Devon Corps. Upon arrival, she heard that Chopper- Mark's Machoke- had chopped up a chair, she laughed about the obvious pun that could be gleaned from it. Her laughter, however, quickly subsided and made way for shock upon seeing Pips, a Piplup owned by the Devon Corp president, get up on stage and present a Monese translation collar-- that soon ended up being hacked by Team Lightning. Crina quickly backed out of the ensuing 4 v 4 battle between Owen and Team Lightning, and subsequently was not seen again until after said battle had ended. During this, she attempted to comfort Teryx through a panic attack, before noting a Trainer in front of her-- Hailee, attempting to look around for her Grookey, Banjo. After offering to help, the TV Man entered, carrying Banjo, and another battle ensued. Once again, Crina was not used during this battle against Team Lightning. By the time she was seen again, in fact, it was after Owen had caught Steggy and all the Team Lightning chaos was over. With Owen now heading off to Oreburgh City for his first Gym battle, Crina greeted Steggy on Hasslemon for the first time, not catching his ASDFmovie reference as well as questioning his typing quirk.

From there, it was off to the Oreburgh Gym, where Crina was used as the fifth mon that Owen used in said battle (right before her fellow Grass-type, Steggy). In an extremely uneventful battle, she fought against Roark's Relicanth, hitting him for a supereffective Energy Ball. While Relicanth tried to retaliate with a Head Smash, it did very little damage, and ultimately, Crina succeeded in defeating the Relicanth with a massive Giga Drain. After the battle against Roark ended-- during which Steggy evolved into a Shiny Grotle-- Crina was not seen again until after the revivals and captures of Eurypedis, Anomalo, and Cephalo. Upon finding out that Anomalo was blind, and expressing sympathy and concern for him, she introduced herself to Anomalo, telling him that she had "yellow teeth"-- to which Nautilu of course corrected her. Crina retorted that she had yellow "eyes", too (referring to her fake ones). From there, the group decided to give the new mons Hasslemon handles and set up a voice chat for Anomalo so that he could interact with them despite his blindness. During the voicechat, Crina told Anomalo her handle (and then expressed confusion as to what a "ronin" was when Eurypedis gave his handle). After Anomalo's typing quirk was decided on, Crina- along with every other team member aside from Teryx and Stipax- told the newly-revived fossilmons an abridged version of her backstory, while also insisting once again that her eyes were her teeth and her markings were her eyes. At the same time, she reacted to the backstories of many of her fellow mon friends. She reacted with complete shock at Eurypedis' backstory, enjoyed Cephalo's-- despite his death-- and then reacted with slight confusion when Teryx suddenly left the chat (unbeknownst to her, this was due to a PTSD attack he was having). Later on, she reacted with absolute horror upon hearing Anomalo's backstory about him living for only 2 days before being killed and blinded by two Tyrantrum. After the conversation was over, Owen decided to use Crina in his next Gym battle-- the battle against Gardenia in Eterna City. Similarly to the battle she had against Roark, this battle was extremely quick and took barely any time at all. Crina went up specifically against Gardenia's Breloom, who was holding a Toxic Orb. Immediately, Crina hit Breloom with a Sludge Bomb, poisoning her and rendering her item useless. One more Sludge Bomb not only succeeded in stopping Breloom from launching a supereffective Focus Punch at her, it also knocked out Breloom, ending Crina's time in the spotlight vs. Gardenia in rather uneventful fashion.

After the Gardenia battle was over, Crina wasn't seen again until after Owen took on Team Lightning in the Underground and subsequently caught Gwana. She introduced herself to the stoic, revenge-laden Cubone, but didn't interact with her beyond that. She didn't participate at all in Owen's subsequent battle with Maylene, but did congratulate Saura on her evolution into an Aurorus that happened during said battle on Hasslemon. Afterwards, she expressed a bit of annoyance when Chasmo started telling the newbies, Eurypedis, Cephalo, and Anomalo, about how the pottery wheel method worked, then was sent out along with everyone else after the battle was over. She further congratulated Saura, then expressed delight upon seeing Cephalo get his goggles as a reward for his work in defeating Maylene's Lucario, remarking that he was going to get "another pair of eyes". She was then returned while Owen went to the Maniac Cave and dug up the fossils that would eventually become Archie, Tyrie, and Rhamphor, before being introduced to the three of them. Before she could say anything to them, though, she and everyone else there were interrupted by a rather shocking sight-- Teryx, of all mons, going off on the attack against Tyrie and Rhamphor, having just had a major PTSD attack and flashbacks to his own death without anyone else knowing about it. She was struck absolutely dumb by this event, but was even more surprised when Teryx accidentally hit his own Trainer in the face with a Dragon Breath attack, notably being the only mon on Owen's entire team to call him out for this. Owen, however, was even more brutal, eventually smashing Teryx's PokeBall and releasing him from the team as a punishment when he refused to apologize for his attacks. Crina, absolutely stunned by the events that had just transpired, could only wave to Teryx sadly as he left the team in disgrace. In the subsequent Hasslemon conversation with the rest of the Jura5, though, she displayed a more caring side to her, immediately deciding to join in with Stipax on his quest to try and get Teryx back. She pretended to not forgive Teryx for attacking Owen before clarifying that she was kidding, before joining in with the rest of the Jura6 on their adventure to get Teryx back on the team.

During the journey to find Teryx, Crina had a few notable interactions. She learned that Stipax had been a detective for the first time, and upon hearing Stipax's concern that Saura wasn't sleeping as much as she used to, noted how odd it was and then wondered if she maybe had a bug in her brain (a notion that Nautilu was quick to dispel). Most notably, however, she was the first one to discover and find the tunnel that Teryx dug a few hours prior, soon after being released. She then literally interpreted Chasmo's Shawshank Redemption reference upon seeing said tunnel, then expressed surprise upon finding out that Teryx had dug it. A few hours later, after the group arrived in Eterna, Crina expressed immense delight upon Saura starting to get sleepy, happy that she didn't have a bug in her brain. A few more odd observations were made by her: she commented on her ability to hear despite not having ears, she suggested making beds made of clouds for everyone to sleep on (in the process revealing that she thought clouds were the spirits of dead Ditto), and then began catching raindrops in her "mouth" when it started to rain. Afterwards, she pretended to not be tired when everyone else started to go to sleep, in the process revealing that she (naturally) sleeps with her eyes open. The next morning, she commented on Teryx's scream (caused by a nightmare he had had in the middle of the night) and pretended not to hear it, before she and the rest of the group continued on their way to try to find Teryx. Upon finally making to Veilstone City, Crina noticed the massive hole that was there (actually a Secret Base), and commented on how huge it was (making a very lame pun in the process). She and the rest of the Jura5 entered the Secret Base and finally found Teryx, who had been sleeping there for the night. Upon finally reuniting with Teryx again, she was incredibly excited, then expressed confusion when Teryx suddenly switched to being fearful to see them. She expressed some concern when Teryx expressed his fear that the Jura5 were there to kill him for attacking Owen, but kept her head in the clouds for the rest of the conversation, looking around and admiring the Secret Base. After Teryx was finally pulled out of the base, she found out for the first time about what had happened prior to Teryx's attack on Tyrie and Rhamphor, which left her in absolute shock-- but that shock increased tenfold when she saw Teryx having a full-blown panic attack again, right in front of her eyes.

Upon hearing Teryx going through his flashback event, Crina didn't exactly know what to make of it at first, having never heard of or dealt with PTSD before. When Teryx had a flashback to his parents being eaten by a Tyrantrum, Crina commented that she didn't see any Tyrantrum, and then assumed that Teryx's flashback was either a memory or Teryx having an odd imagination. The flashback and panic attack was concerning to her though, and she helped with the subsequent sensory exercise that Nautilu and Stipax gave him to help him calm down by pulling out something that he was able to smell and taste. Of course, however, this being Crina, said thing was a beef cookie (she also pulled out perfume), in the process revealing that she was able to cook (albiet she cooked crazy creations). Her concern, however, quickly returned upon seeing Teryx have yet another panic attack, and she attempted to comfort him, joining in on the Jura5's group hug. Eventually, Teryx expressed his desire to tell the Jura5 his backstory, and an excited Crina happily pulled out a popcorn bag, expecting something fun. What she instead got was an extremely harrowing tale of death and remorse, and by the end of it all, she was too stunned and horrified to say anything. In fact, she didn't say anything for a while, listening intently to Nautilu's subsequent speech on PTSD (a major moment of OOCISB for her that none of the other characters commented on). At the same time, she was finally informed of the full extent of Teryx's PTSD, and the events from before, particularly his attack on Owen, started to make sense to her. Crina then excitedly joined in on the Jura6's watching of an episode of The Wheel at the Pokemon Center, during which a major facet of her personality was revealed: her deep insecurities and tendencies towards odd logic. During a boxing question on The Wheel, Teryx noted that she didn't really tend to participate much during Wheel questions, and only seemed to be there to make silly jokes. Crina then revealed that she secretly thought of herself as dumb due to her crazy logic (although in her own cheerful manner, of course). With the rest of the team's prompting, she took on the challenge of solving the next question on her own. Through her crazy logic (i.e. assuming that real boxing was like the Wii Sports version), she somehow reached the correct answer, which she was extremely happy about. From there, though, she just made random silly quips, notably playing "Entry of the Gladiators" at full blast when a question regarding it was gotten incorrect.

After the Wheel watch party had ended, Crina, along with the rest of the Jura5, went back to Owen, who was back from taking on Team Lightning in Hearthome and was now going to take on Crasher Wake at the Pastoria Gym. Upon reuniting with the rest of the team via Hasslemon, she agreed to not tell Owen anything about Teryx's PTSD until after the battle against Crasher Wake had ended. Much like her previous two Gym Battle excursions, Crina's battle against Crasher Wake's Floatzel was rather quick and easy. She was the first mon used (the first time Stipax wasn't), and was immediately taken off guard when Floatzel started the battle with Rain Dance, activating his Swift Swim ability. Crina, however, wasn't deterred, and struck him with a Leech Seed, which started to sap his health. Floatzel, however, hit back with a supereffective Brick Break, but Crina saw this as an opportunity to gain back her HP via Giga Drain. Via a combination of that, the Leech Seed, and the Life Orb, Wake's Floatzel fainted and Crina's work in the battle against him was done. After the battle was over (which Owen won), and after Owen had been informed of Teryx's backstory, gotten an SSC, and gotten turned into his Pokeform for the first time, Crina became rather notable as the first mon that wasn't Stipax, Nautilu, or Eurypedis that Owen ever understood, commenting with shock on his new Pokeform. Soon after Owen got his human form back, Crina (along with the rest of the team) finally reunited with Teryx proper when he was recaught in his new Luxury Ball. She then expressed absolute shock upon hearing about the nightmares that Teryx had been having for the first time, in particular expressing shock when it was graphically revealed to her that her head got chopped off in his latest nightmare. The next day, after a good night's "sleep", she was informed by Owen about his decision to take a break and get to better know his Pokemon, and was enthusiastic about it, especially since her birthday would be in a few days. She, along with Owen and the rest of his team, soon returned to Pewter City, and had a few fun interactions during the break. Most notably, on her birthday (which was April Fools' Day), she, Steggy, Cephalo, and Stipax all engaged in rather hilarious April Fools' Day shenanigans, with her getting pranked multiple times.


  • Met: Pewter City Museum
  • Birthday: September 30th (revival day); April 1st (actual birthday prior to death)
  • Age: 3 (chronologically); 21 (in human form as Dolly Oliver)
  • Ability: Suction Cups
  • Favorite Move: Leech Seed
  • Nature: Quirky
  • Characteristic: Mischievous
  • Likes: Pulling pranks on others, randomness, mocking people, telling jokes, making witty puns, being weird and saying weird things, daydreaming, imagining things, watching silly TV shows, Stipax, Saura, battling, using Leech Seed, the game shows Pointless and Whose Line is It Anyway?, watching variety shows, watching The Wheel, cooking strange and unusual things, getting a question correct on The Wheel, playing Wii Sports
  • Dislikes: Serious discussions, reality, being told that her fake eyes aren't her real ones, pranking Teryx, scaring Teryx, people not getting her jokes, being poisoned, forgetting things, following the status quo, believing that she is dumb (especially when compared to the other members of the team), Teryx's PTSD and nightmares
  • Ball: Poke
  • Nickname origin: From Crinodea, the class containing crinoids
  • Hasslemon typing quirk: All OooO's are quadrupled, with twOooO OooOf them being capitalized and the OooOnes in the middle being in lOooOwercase. This is suppOooOsed tOooO represent the fake eyes and real eyes OooOf a Cradily, respectively, while alsOooO succeeding in making her style OooOf writing cOooOme acrOooOss as being very... OooOdd.
A prospective fullbody Crina gijinka, as done by Goldenheart388.


  • Owen Edmundson: Owen Edmundson is Crina's Trainer, and like the rest of the team, she gets along fairly well with him, considering him to be her closest confidant and friend. Owen has a great deal of tolerance for Crina's silliness, both before and after he learned to understand her, and Crina is willing to pull silly harmless pranks on him at every opportunity. In return, Owen pulls some harmless pranks on her as well, most notably his cake prank on AFD 2022 for Crina's birthday (where she was given a fake cake before the real cake was given out). Crina has also been shown to be fairly protective of Owen, notably being the only one of the entire team to call Teryx out directly when he attacked Owen in his fit of PTSD-induced rage.
  • Stipax: Crina and Stipax have a very similar relationship to Crina and Owen. Stipax will often tolerate Crina's more insane behaviors, and Crina, in turn, is very protective of him, considering him to be one of her best friends. Most notably, he was the member of the team who wholly encouraged Crina to participate more in Wheel-watching parties, and happily celebrated Crina's birthday with her. She also happily went along with him on his quest to find Teryx again, and in her very first scene in the RP participated in a dance battle with him.
  • Nautilu: Out of all the members of the Jura6, it is Crina and Nautilu that have the most... interesting friendship. Nautilu serves wholly as a straight man to all of Crina's antics, repeatedly correcting her absurd beliefs, expressing exasperation towards her incredibly lame puns, and generally being a bit of a Deadpan Snarker to her antics. Crina, in return, doesn't seem to mind any of this, repeatedly insisting that everything is a joke. However, the two of them are still very good friends with each other despite their evident differences; Nautilu notably mentioned being impressed with Crina's logic (however absurd) in trying to solve the Wheel boxing question, which she ultimately got correct, and is generally patient with Crina despite everything she puts him through.
  • Chasmo: As he does for just about everyone, Chasmo serves as a patient and wise advisor towards Crina, usually going along with her beliefs and letting them slide in contrast to the always-finicky Nautilu. Crina views him as someone who she can respect, though she isn't above pulling a few pranks of her own on him (with Chasmo just as keen to respond to them in turn).
  • Teryx: Out of all of the Jura6, Crina is most likely to tone down her rather crazy and silly behaviors around Teryx. She has explicitly stated that she will never prank Teryx due to how sensitive he is (and she certainly won't do it with an electric-based prank like a joy buzzer), to the extent that she pranked him with a prank on Christmas Day in a sort of "reverse prank", if you will. She has expressed concern for him many times over the course of the RP, most notably regarding anything related to Teryx's backstory, and is quick to comfort him in her own way if he is ever in the midst of a PTSD attack. Despite that, though, she's the most willing of the Jura6 to call Teryx out, befitting her slightly impatient nature; she was notably the only mon on the team to call Teryx out for anything related to his attack on Tyrie and Rhamphor, though she was just as sad as the rest of the group when he left.
  • Saura: Crina and Saura get along fairly well with each other for the most part due to their similarly somewhat odd natures, though Crina will express some frustration with Saura whenever she has a dream that even she finds a bit too weird (though, of course, she likes odd, so her frustrations soon go away). She seems to tolerate most of Saura's eccentricities, to the extent where she becomes very concerned if Saura starts acting a bit too sane-- most notably, she immediately reacted with shock upon realizing that Saura, in her much larger new form, wasn't sleeping to the extent that she had had before, and was convinced that there was a bug in her brain.
  • Anomalo: Like all of Owen's mons, Crina is immensely concerned regarding Anomalo's disability, and will work to do whatever she can to help Anomalo accomadate for said disability. He is one of the mons that Crina tends to tone down her behavior around, largely because she knows how sensitive he can be (due to his shyness, his general distaste for violence, his blindness, and his unfamiliarity with many modern concepts).
  • Cephalo: Crina and Cephalo tend to get along fairly well with each other due to their rather similar personalities. Most notably, Crina was the only member of Owen's entire team who didn't express concern for the events surrounding Cephalo's initial death, instead seeming just as excited about the concept of doing extreme sport stunts as Cephalo was. She also happily interacted with him multiple times on April Fools' Day, pranking him and getting involved with all of the shenanigans that Steggy pulled.

Known Moves

  • TypeGrass.gif: Leech Seed, Ingrain, Giga Drain, Energy Ball
  • TypeNormal.gif: Wrap, Spit Up, Stockpile, Swallow, Tickle
  • TypeRock.gif: Ancient Power
  • TypeWater.gif: Brine
  • TypePoison.gif: Sludge Bomb


  • Crina's name is derived from crinodea, the class containing crinoids and sea lillies. It could also serve as a corruption of the English name Karina.
  • According to Goldenheart388, Crina's Hasslemon handle is dentalOptics (DO). The handle relates to Crina's long-held belief (based on a common misconception by many Pokemon fans even to this day) that the two false eyes on her head are her real eyes, whereas her actual real eyes are her teeth ("dental" means "relating to teeth", while "optics" means "relating to eyes", essentially meaning that her handle translates to "tooth eyes").
  • According to Goldenheart388, Crina's English character theme is "Upside Down" by the A*Teens. The song, which was originally one of the songs in contention for the character theme of Ananpi, was ultimately given to Crina due to it serving as a representation of her crazy, ditzy, party-girl lifestyle, while also delving a bit into her mischievousness and penchant for jokes. Her Japanese character theme, meanwhile, is "Sugar Song to Bitter Step" by Unison Square Garden, best known as the ending theme for Kekkai Sensen. Her Broadway character theme is "As We Stumble Along" from The Drowsy Chaperone (which also happens to be her favorite musical of all time) and her headcanon voice is Kat Cressida as Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory.
  • Crina's human name, "Dolly Oliver", shares its initials with that of her Hasslemon handle dentalOptics, with both of them abbreviating to DO; it also could possibly be a reference to the folk song "Sweet Polly Oliver", although according to Goldenheart388 this was a coincidence. Incidentally, the first two letters of the name Dolly are also DO, shared with her Hasslemon handle abbreviation. This pattern applies to every member of Owen Edmundson's Pokemon team with the exception of Steggy.
  • Crina's revival day, September 30th, is the day on which, in 1861, the first Archeopteryx fossil was discovered; she shares her revival day with Nautilu, Chasmo, and Teryx. Her actual birthday, April 1st, is April Fools' Day, as well as the day that the Pokemon anime first premiered in Japan, and she shares her birthday with Caboose and Ananpi.
  • Crina's death date, January 4th, is her birthday reversed (4/1-1/4). She is the only fossilmon in the initial Jura6 to have a palindromic birth/death juxtaposition.
  • Crina's favorite book of all time is, naturally, any joke book in existence, though if she had to name an actual book as her favorite it would be B.J. Novak's The Book With No Pictures. Her favorite food is similarly variable-- it's any of the creations on Happy Legendary Day-- but her favorite TV show and her favorite movie are far more set in stone, being Silly Cobra's Trapeze Show and Space Jam respectively. Her favorite individual book of all time is directly shared with Ananpi.
  • According to Goldenheart388, Crina has a straight-up fear of reality, specifically the harshness of it, due to the initial circumstances surrounding her death.
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